Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Peek Into My Week

YLCF is once again hosting a blog carnival-- A Peek into Your Week. It's such a great way to meet other young women and fellow bloggers! I'm inspired by the beautiful variety of lives yet all with the common bond of following Jesus. If you're not already involved, you can click on the link below to join in the fun.

YLCF Blog Carnival

I used to have all sorts of to-do lists and lots of structure and schedules in my life, but in the past couple of years I've cut out a lot of things. I'm learning to slow down and just 'be' rather than 'do.' Trying to "be a Mary in a Martha world." And finding more peace because of it! Nonetheless, here's a peek into my week...

-spent time with my mom and sister organizing my bedroom and closet at the happy little duplex my friend and I rent from my parents. We have a girl from church coming to live with us, so I'm making room to welcome her. :)

-spent some afternoon time in prayer with Jesus at the Adoration chapel at church. People are there praying 24 hours a day, Sunday through Friday. Absolutely beautiful.

-went to the library, one of my homes away from home. Used their laptops, perused the newest issue of Country Woman, said hello to a friend from work and discovered we are both bookworms. :)

-called and talked with my mom for awhile. I'm in the midst of heartache after the breakup of a relationship, and sometimes you just need your mom!

-Enjoyed a day of sleeping in; I couldn't believe the clock said 9:12am!

-Ate pumpkin oatmeal with my roomie Andrea while watching Rachael Ray.

-volunteered at the local homeless shelter/soup kitchen. What a touching experience. Today there were a couple families with young children. And the conversations with the two young men while they waited in line for seconds. And the lady who was so very grateful for the food, thanking us so graciously. And the man who wanted "service with a smile," making me wonder if they sometimes want the smile as much as the food.

-Voice lesson with my dear teacher and friend. She is going through a tough time as well but we still find a song to sing.

-Mass at the nursing home. This too is a touching experience. The faithful residents in their wheelchairs. The couples holding hands. The way Father Todd is so kind and authentic to each one of them. When he went around during the sign of peace and shook their hands, it reminded me of Jesus in the Gospels, going around healing and giving hope, looking at each person individually, letting them know they were valuable.

-Voting! I was so grateful to the local pro-life organization for printing a list of pro-life candidates in the paper. I'm a one-issue voter in that case and not ashamed! Without life, there aren't too many other issues. ;)

-Supper with the family and joining them for one of the few TV shows we enjoy, The Biggest Loser, motivating us to have a healthy lifestyle.

-Working in the Cardiology department. On Wednesdays I take care of patients coming in for a doctor visit. I'll take their vital signs, talk with them about their symptoms, educate them, and schedule any tests the doctor orders. I also work on analyzing the EKG strips from heart monitors that patients wear.

-The evening will likely include a supper of leftovers, a walk around the neighborhood, and cozy candles lit while I snuggle on the couch with some good books!

-Working in Cardiology. On Thursdays I work in the stress testing room. We do different types of stress tests (treadmill or medication) to determine how patients' hearts work under stress and if they have blockage in their arteries. I love this part of my job and I love working with the patients.

-In the evening is a memorial Mass at church for all those who have died this year. My seventeen-year-old cousin died tragically in a car accident this summer. My family is planning on going to the service to support my uncle and aunt and their family.

-Once again, a Cardiology day. On Fridays, I'm the only nurse in the department, so it makes for a busy day of stress tests, taking calls, and tying up loose ends for the weekend.

-Friday night, it's girlfriend time! My friend Kacie just had her 30th birthday this week, so she and I are going to our mutual friend Kari's house for a fun night of highlighting our hair! I chose a caramel color that is supposed to go with medium to dark brown hair. We'll see!

Saturday and Sunday
-No plans at this point. I'm still adjusting to not spending time with Grant, but thankfully others have stepped in and kept me company with love and laughter. I'm seeking the Lord in this time as well, holding onto Him for comfort and growth, and finding joy in the other blessings of life for now. Some options for this weekend include:

-Visiting my dear 94-year-old neighbor Vivian. She is sharp and witty and an absolute delight. Last time I brought my crochet projects and worked on them while we chatted.

-Cleaning and organizing the duplex. Helping Emily move in. Cooking and planning meals for the week. (We're pretty low-key about this. Often a meal or two will last us the week with leftovers; salads or sandwiches work well for lunches.)

-Visiting the local coffee shop, one of my new haunts. They have a tea called Hot Cinnamon Spice that is just perfect for fall. I feel like a city girl going to coffee shops and ordering my usual "One Tall Hot Cinnamon Spice tea." (for the record, I'm a country girl through and through ;)

-I like to spend time with my family on Sunday since it's not only a day of rest and worship, but also a day of coming together as a family.

-Going to church, of course. :) One of my aunts has been talking about wanting to come back to church. I'd like to invite her this week and go out to breakfast afterwards with her and my family.

And there is a peek into my week! Thank you so much for visiting! Blessings on you as you continue through the carnival!


  1. I so enjoyed this little glimpse into your week, dear.
    And your new layout is pretty!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to join the bloggy carnival. It's been so much fun!

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  3. Personally, I think we could all learn a lesson from Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus, which was her utmost priority. :)

    I enjoyed reading about your "Cardiology" days. I miss working as a Phlebotomist. I hope to be able to at least get a "PRN" position at the hospital sometime soon. I need to keep my skills current! ;) I always loved meeting different people, and I especially appreciated the opportunity to perform phlebotomy on the elderly. For the most part, they're usually so sweet and full of stories. :)

    Anyways, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks, girls, for the comments! I love comments. :)

    Kandace-- how neat that you're a phlebotomist. I hope you can find a PRN job at the hospital. Yes, aren't the elderly wonderful? So full of wisdom that we can easily miss in our fast-paced world.

  5. Yes they are! I remember this one lady in particular who was in the nursing home(the lab I worked at included driving to a nursing home to draw). At the time, I was trying to grow my bangs out and so they were hanging over my eyes lol. After I was finished with drawing her blood, she moved the bangs out of my face and said, "There! I knew there was a beautiful face under there." :) I spent a little while talking with her, and she was sad to see me go. Unfortunately, the next time I was there, she wasn't there. :(

  6. Aw, I loved reading about your week. Thanks for sharing:-)

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Jo-Ann!

    Yes, Kandace, that's the sad thing about acute care-- you only get to know them for a short time. It's neat, though, how just a moment can still make a difference! Thanks for following my blog, by the way! :)

  8. Dear Laura, thanks so much for your sweet and encouraging comment on my blog! :) I loved reading about your week. It seems relationships are really a priority in your life, and that is awesome to see! Praying that the Lord would fulfil ALL his purposes in your life and bring new beginnings after your loss too.. he has plans to bring 'hope and a future' to all of us! :)PS - I love hot spicy drinks too.. drinking one as I 'speak'!! ;) Blessings!