Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Approach of a New Season

I love the change of seasons. I get this little thrill just thinking about colorful leaves and orchard apples and gorgeous fall sunsets.

Except that entering a new season means leaving the old.

I was washing dishes tonight, looking out the window at the evidence of fall's approach. (Washing dishes is a perfect time for thinking and dreaming, you know? *wink*) I've looked out that window for years and years and I've washed countless dishes there. But when my family moves in a little over a month, I won't wash dishes there anymore. I won't watch the wildflowers dancing or see the sunlight glisten on the pond.

This home has woven its way into my heart-- "The Evergreens" as I affectionately called it during my pre-teen, Anne-of-Green-Gables-obsessed years (although I admit that I'm still obsessed with Anne!). So many memories here. I love the fields, the woods, the country roads. My little garden. My birch tree, "The White Lady" (more Anne-inspired names!). Leaving all of it is like trying to pull apart the threads that have been knitted in my heart-- it hurts.

But while I leave behind the places I love, I don't leave behind the people I love. Nor do I leave the memories. Memories are forever just as family is forever.

The old season gently fades, and the new one begins to unfold, an exciting adventure with its own unique beauty if we only have the eyes to see it.