Friday, June 26, 2015

Quick Takes Friday [vol. 21]

Well, hello there, friends. It's Friday night. What are you up to? I'm snacking on a blueberry bagel before P. gets home from work and thought I'd pop in for a few quick takes. I can't wait to get settled in to a more frequent, consistent blogging schedule!


I'm slowly but surely settling in to this new life. Honestly, I'm amazed at the smooth transition considering I'm living with a new person, in a new house, in a new town. Must be grace from the Sacrament! I think we both anticipated a little more difficult transition since we're "older" young adults and quite independent. You know, set in our ways and all that. ;) But it's been fun and we're in love. We're also loving exploring this cute little town and the back roads and the neighborhood. This country girl is thrilled to see cornfields out her windows once again.

Front porch coffee...I've dreamed about you.


 Our June has been full of thunderstorms...and even just plain ol' rainy days. I feel like summer is sneaking by...where is the sunshine?? But it's a small thing and nice days are coming, so I shouldn't complain.


 Because there are bigger problems going on. Come on, Supreme Court. Absolutely discouraging, disturbing decision today made by them, When I first heard, I was overcome by 
 discouragement and even fear because...let's be honest...this is HUGE. Just like Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion 40 years ago, we are going to see massive consequences to this decision praised by so many. The family is already so broken and so in need of turning back to God's love and truth. Yet before the dark clouds of negative thoughts overtook me, I found this article. Full of beautiful reminders of God's power and sovereignty. Yes, we should continue to boldly proclaim the truth in order to build the Kingdom on earth, but let not our hearts be troubled for He is still in control. We are not made for this world. There's an eternity beyond. The suffering of the present cannot compare to the glory to be revealed. Lord Jesus, give us the wisdom of your Spirit to speak truth in love, the courage of martyrs to trust you in whatever is to come. 


 My job. Oh, my job. I'm hesitant to write much because this is a public venue but it's been such a struggle for me lately! I've kept my same job because it was under an hour away and it would provide somewhat of a link to my hometown as well as some familiarity and stability while everything else was new with marriage. At first the drive was kinda and prayers or music in the morning, catching up with a friend on the phone in the evening. But now I'm exhausted. And realizing what a negative atmosphere I work in at times. I know every job has its drama so I want to take it in stride and be thankful...but it drains me. So I need to prayerfully figure out how to give it to God and be faithful...and discern if He's leading me elsewhere.


The wedding and the move definitely dominated my spring but the summer is quickly flying by, too. I find myself browsing my Sweet Summertime Pinterest board, looking for ways to relish the season and make fun memories outdoors. I'm really liking all the greek yogurt/fresh fruit homemade popsicle recipes. We tried out the fire pit some family members bought us for a wedding gift. What fun to have some young adults over for conversation, cornhole, and s'mores! What ideas do you have to make this summer special in small ways?

Building the fire


 I made DIY dryer sheets last week. P. always used Bounce sheets and I would use white vinegar as a rinse in the washer-- my laundry was non-toxic but his smelled great! So as a compromise, I found this recipe on Pinterest, pulled out some old T-shirts, and was quite happy with the results. They don't smell as strong as I'd like, but I haven't had any static in the laundry yet! Do you have any DIY household recipes to share?

T-shirt scraps and the homemade fabric softener-- tada!


 This weekend is our "Saying No" weekend...every once in awhile when I start to feel too busy, I stop the madness and schedule a Saying No week or weekend...or sometimes just a day. ;) We live in such a fast-paced world and we get caught up in such full schedules-- even full of good things. But I strongly feel it's important we live with margin...white space...boredom. Because it's only when we allow ourselves to have time and silence and even boredom that we think more and deeper, that we pursue the creative unnecessary. *ahem* Getting off my soapbox short, even though there are some great social events and certainly things we could do, we're staying home. Hopefully working together, praying together, and growing together. Maybe we'll get our marriage prep books out and read. Maybe I'll write some more blog posts ahead. Maybe we'll organize the basement (eek!! You've never seen so many boxes in your life!!). Have you ever felt the need for a Saying No week? Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to try an Unplugged week...

Have a beautiful weekend, friends. It's good to be back with you. I'm praying for you tonight.