Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Thoughts

My friend Chantel wrote an excellent post on Memorial Day that you can read at It sums up so many of my heartthoughts this weekend.

We had a special outdoor Memorial Day service after church on Sunday. I stood there alone with a heart full of emotions and eyes full of tears. I thought of my man working long, tiring days in Iraq. I thought of the soldiers from wars past as one of the men read a letter written by a Civil War soldier to his wife a week before he died. And as I watched our beautiful flag in the breeze and heard the mournful sound of Taps, I thought of the families of the five soldiers who were killed last month in Mosul.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see my dad standing beside me, with tears in his own eyes. I knew his thoughts were close to my own. We stood together silently. Just knowing he was beside me at that moment, supporting both me and Grant, meant the world to me.

I am oh-so-proud of my soldier. And of all the men and women fighting with him to protect our country. And of those who have given everything they had-- their very lives--for our nation. I am indebted to their service. I am thankful for their sacrifice.

Because I love this country with all my heart.

May God bless America and bring us back to following Him as a nation.

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