Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The "In-Between" time

I've officially put away my Christmas decorations. The season of celebrating our Savior's birth is over until next year. Considering how quickly time seems to pass these days, Easter will be here before we know it, and we'll be reminded of the reason the Savior was born-- that He came to die for us, to conquer death and rise in victory.

But between those two glorious events-- His birth and His rising from the dead-- there's a time that shouldn't be overlooked.

The 'in-between' time.

The time when Jesus grew up in Nazareth with His parents. Teaching us that a quiet life lived for the Father is pleasing to Him. The time of the Gospels, when He began His public ministry, reaching out to the lost and the hurting. When He healed the sick and the blind and the lame. When He taught those around Him how to live and how to love. The times He laughed and cried. When He was tempted by the devil. When He was rejected by those around Him.

This is a God who not only saved us, but cared enough to live with us. Who not only wants to be our Redeemer, but also our Friend.

He cares about the little details of life. He understands because He's been there. Nothing is too great for Him to handle, but also nothing is too small to bring to Him.

What an amazing God.

Thank you, Lord, for being born for us. Thank you for saving us. And thank you for the in-between time.