About Me

Hello, new friend! Welcome to my life, welcome to my heart. I'm so glad you stopped by!

I'm Laura. I'm crazy about DIY, cookies, holidays and seasons, the written word, little moments, authenticity, and living in the country. 

My country girl heart was captured by the city boy heart of a college campus minister three years ago. This May he made me his wife. Though we both still love college ministry, he now works in full-time pro-life ministry and is an amazing speaker (I'm pretty sure God's going to have him go national someday). 

We lost our first child through miscarriage this July and our lives will never be the same. We knew love like we had never known it before. We find hope that our little one is praising Jesus and praying for us until we can meet him someday. He was carried and loved his whole life and entered into the arms of the Lord. How can we ask for any more as parents?

My Faith story is a long, beautiful journey of learning intimacy with a perfect God who wants my love, not my perfection. I'm learning that holiness is a life-long process of surrendering each day to the One who made it and allowing Him to use the circumstances each day to mold me into the woman He's created me to be. He has been the One Sure Thing in my life. I seek to follow God through the Catholic Church and my soul has never felt more at home in its beauty and grace and sacraments. 

I am an RN and absolutely love being a nurse. My background mostly consists of cardiology nursing, but I have found a passion for working in crisis pregnancy centers. I currently work for a crisis pregnancy center as a nurse and sonographer (ultrasound). It's a job that continually stretches me and challenges me, as I sit face-to-face and heart-to-heart with women in crisis pregnancies. I love that our center can be a resource of education and information, of compassion and love, and ultimately the
truth that sets one free. I'm pro-woman and pro-life. It tears my heart up to see post-abortive women struggling with guilt and regret and shame. And there's nothing like seeing a gorgeous baby on the ultrasound and knowing that I may be the only one who takes pictures of this little one. Our world is a mess when it comes to the discussion of abortion, but the solution starts one person at a time, one conversation at a time, and getting down in the trenches with women in need. 

I tend to keep it real because it's tough being a woman in today's photoshopped world. 

Again, WELCOME to my life and heart. I can't wait to know you better.