Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GreaThings 2010 (November 24)

GreaThings 2010

Thankful for things that begin with the letter 'S' today...(do I sound like I should be on Sesame Street?)

So thankful for a Savior who offers the gift of salvation to us. For the happiness of sunshine. For the breathtaking beauty of sunsets. For the friendship and memories shared with my sister. For the example of the faithful saints who have gone before us. For silliness that keeps us light-hearted. And for deep, serious conversations. For anything sweet that I can eat-- chocolate, cookies, pies, cake, anything will do. For the beauty of simplicity. For the joy of singing. For a warm soup on a winter day. For the wonder of a glittering night sky.

And right now, for the anticipation of a good night's sleep.

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