Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life is beautiful...

- when the leaves crunch under my feet after a refreshing stroll.

- when I enjoy a homemade breakfast of pumpkin oatmeal during my favorite cooking show, Rachael Ray.

- when Father Todd reaches out a hand to the residents at the nursing home Mass today, one by one, calling them by name, looking so very much like the Jesus in the Gospels.

- when a hug and a kiss from my voice teacher convey her empathy as we both continue our journeys in the midst of struggle.

- when a woman at the soup kitchen today says she doesn't mind what I serve her, that she's just grateful for whatever we give her.

- when two others from the soup kitchen chat with me and another worker, bridging the gap between those serving and those being served.

- when I am able to cast my votes today, to be a part, however small, in bringing our beloved country back to the morals and values it was founded on.

- when my brother lays a comforting hand on my shoulder, silently showing his care amd reminding me of the amazing bond of family.

- when the sun falls just behind the trees at eventide, melting into the horizon and leaving a golden glow that warms my soul.

-when we realize that all the good and beauty and wonder in this life is but a reflection of the One who created it all, and that He wants to be in an intimate relationship with us, now and forever.