Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beginning Holy Week

I’m so grateful that when I just don’t get it sometimes, God sends someone who does.

I glared studied the calendar for this week, pen in hand. Something written on each of the days.

My brother had recently shared with me some wisdom from his priest at college—make Holy Week a retreat. Put aside your usual activities and immerse yourself in the beauty and meaning of these days of Jesus’ Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

I loved this advice.

So why was my calendar looking rather full for the week?

My roommate Andrea came up behind me and teased me about my solemn stare-down with the calendar. I complained explained my dilemma and frustration that I wouldn’t have as much free time as I wanted to focus on Jesus and His journey.

And then she smiled and calmly blew me away.

Be like Jesus, she told me. Give of yourself to the people you’ll encounter this week in the same way He gave His all for us in His sacrifice on the cross.

So simple. So practical. So profound.

Then she turned back to making breakfast.

For herself, of course. I already had some humble pie that needed to be eaten.

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