Friday, March 22, 2019

7 Things That Got Me Through Winter

It's Sprrrriiiiiiinnnng! Yay!!! However, just for fun here are seven things that made my winter tolerable enjoyable. Linking up for Quick Takes today. Happy Friday, friends! :)

1. Podcasts. I have finally understood why people like podcasts! Downloading the Stitcher app was one key for me, as it makes it so much easier to subscribe to ones I like and easily access them as well as be notified of new episodes. My favorite podcast these days is At Home With Sally (Sally Clarkson). I have officially become a huge fan of her (I've reviewed her books on here before). I was originally intimidated but the more I read and listen, I am delighted to find she is a both wise and humble mentor for women in general, but especially for young mothers. Other podcasts I like are Don't Mom Alone, Messy Parenting, and Cultivating the Lovely. How about you? Are you a podcast fan? Let me know ones I should listen to if so!

2.  Fresh flowers. I love that Aldi carries beautiful bouquets (including roses!) for only $3.99. I've gotten a few different ones to last almost two weeks in our home. I loooooove flowers, so having fresh bouquets here and there throughout the winter, especially after Christmas was over, really brought me so much joy!

3.  These faces. I love them so much. Winter can be hard with littles and being cooped up inside so much, but there's also so much joy spending time with them, playing with them, singing and dancing and watching them learn and laugh each day.

4. New makeup regimen. I bought two new makeup items that decreased my routine in half. I don't wear a lot of makeup but just a bit each day makes me feel freshened up and ready for the day. My new items are Mineral Wear foundation powder (now one step instead of the previous tinted moisturizer and powder I used to use) and Burt's Bees blush/lip stick (now one item instead of both blush and lipstick). I haven't timed myself but I'm pretty sure I can do my makeup routine in literally one minute. It's great. If only I could make my hair look nice in that amount of time. ;)

5. The Office. I am such a closet fan of this show but I'm admitting it here. The first time I watched an episode was ten years ago and I thought it was the stupidest, most crude show ever...what does that say about me that I think it's funny now?? Oh dear. But P and I struggle to find stuff that we both enjoy if we watch TV in the evenings, and this show has provided so much lighthearted humor in only twenty minutes so we're able to do our own thing (read, pray, etc.) but then sit back for a twenty-minute episode before bed. Are you like the young me or the current me? Do you love the show or find it repulsive?

6. New projects. I continue to write for once a month and it's a great push for improving my writing. My latest article is here on a topic I'm currently passionate about (see #7). I also am in the process of organizing a miscarriage ministry for our diocese with two other moms. It's been on my heart for awhile now and there's just such a need. It's been incredible to see God send us signs that He wants this too.

7. Getting together with friends. I have been intentionally pursuing friendship for the past couple months and we try to have one to two play dates per week. I also try to send more cards in the mail to friends or connect through texting. I have also been going to mom's nights out after the kids are in bed since both sleep in their own beds these days!! It's so refreshing cultivating friendships with other women. I'm really grateful.

How did you survive winter this year? What are you most looking forward to this spring?


  1. Happy spring! I love podcasts, and only recently got back into Messy Parenting (I listened to some of it way back early on in parenting, but it didn't resonate with me as much as it does now). That one is great! I haven't been listening to podcasts as much lately, though-my main time I listen is while washing dishes, but lately we've been having more family-time while I wash dishes. When I am in more of a podcast mood, I bounce around a lot-Among the Lilies, Catholic Stuff You Should Know, the Catholic Feminist, Do Something Beautiful (by Leah Darrow), and Clerically Speaking are some of the main ones I cycle through. Haha oh The Office. I think, as someone else who used to be repulsed by the show, part of liking it has to do with being older and being married. I wish that he characters of Robert California and Todd Packer weren't in the show, because they are just really creepy/crude/gross, but the good in that show definitely outweighs the bad for me!

    Thanks for linking to that article of yours on CatholicMom-I enjoyed reading that, and you have awesome ideas! I think friendship is so important to cultivate, though it can be hard (really, really hard) when getting together with friends requires getting kids into a car and driving somewhere. But I've been trying to do that more, and it's always so nice to be with other women. I recently joined an Endow group, which has been a huge blessing, and it's a nice way to regularly get together with the same group of ladies (we meet twice a month). I think it's really cool that you've been going to mom's nights out! I am always SO DONE once evening hits, even though it'd be easy to stick the baby in a carrier and go someplace I just have no motivation!

  2. Hi Laura!! :)

    I am EXACTLY with you on The Office haha! I thought the same about it before I was married -that it was awful - and now my husband and I have definitely watched it through the whole thing a few times!

    So beautiful that you are being called to miscarriage ministry. I look forward to hearing more about it as you feel led to share. ❤️