Monday, April 18, 2011

At My Master's Feet

I sat in the Adoration Chapel. Mind going at its usual fast pace. Distracted. Trying to focus and pray while the background thoughts raced by.

Sit, I commanded myself frustratedly. Just sit still and pray.

I grinned inwardly at myself, noticing that my admonition sounded like I was talking to a dog.

As humbling as it was to compare myself to a dog, I realized dogs have some very admirable qualities. They love unconditionally. They obey promptly (most of the time). They keep their eyes on their master. And they love to sit at his or her feet.


Sometimes I need one-word commands like a dog. Simple cue words to remind me of my priorities.

Sit. Put aside the need to do, and just be. Pause throughout the day. Rest in the Lord’s presence. Let His grace fill your heart to overflowing, replenishing your strength for the remainder of the day.

Down. “No servant is greater than his master,” Jesus said (John 13:16). Humble yourself. Follow His example of serving others in love and humility.

Stay. Stop trying to figure out your future. Stay in the present moment. Look for the opportunities God sends each day for you to follow Him one day at a time. Stay by His side. Don’t try to run ahead.

What simple yet profound lessons for me.

Loving Father, please help me to keep my eyes on You. Make me eager to please you and prompt in obeying you. And help me to learn to sit contentedly at Your feet.


  1. You turned three of the most simple words in the english dictionary (even a dog can learn them) into some of the most powerful words. What a great read, thanks!

  2. Thanks for this, dear friend. I need that sit command myself this week. Hugs to you...

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