Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jesus' Followers

The twelve Apostles of Jesus fascinate me.

They’re so real. So human. And so inspiring.

I love that they are not portrayed as perfect in the Bible. Instead, we’re given glimpses of their moments of confusion, doubt, fear, and pride.

Yet time and time again, they rise above their human tendencies and show extraordinary faith and courage.

Despite their weakness and sin, they kept following Him.

It’s especially incredible when we remember that they didn’t see the whole picture as we do—this story of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

The Apostles didn’t see it all—but they lived it. One moment at a time. Never knowing what was coming next.

Despite the uncertainty in their lives, they kept following Him.

They spent three years of their lives at the side of this amazing man with life-changing teachings, watched him perform countless miracles…

Only to then watch him suffer excruciating pain--seemingly helpless and powerless on the cross.

Despite their fear and though they followed from only a distance, still they kept following Him.

On this Holy Saturday, this waiting time between Jesus’ death and His rising, I think about the Apostles and their consistency in following Jesus despite the difficulties. How did they do it? How did they overcome their fear, doubt, and uncertainty? How did they continue to follow despite never-ending obstacles in the path?

By trusting Jesus.

They couldn’t trust in a specific outcome, for who knew what would happen next? There were no guarantees.

But they could trust in who Jesus was, and that He was in control no matter what events occurred. They knew His character. They had spent these years with Him experiencing His love, power, and compassion. They didn’t have to understand all that was going on. They didn’t have to know it would all turn out okay. They could continue to hope and keep following because they knew and trusted their Jesus.

What an awesome example.

I love the Apostles.

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