Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh, what news to share!

I'm home alone tonight. The cold wind and rain beat against the windows begging to come in. Yet here I sit, cozy in my pajamies with an avocado-honey-oatmeal face mask. Delightful. Well, maybe not delightful. My homemade face mask is a little chunky, so I have to stay very still so it doesn't start dropping on the keyboard. That definitely wouldn't be delightful.
Okay, onto the real news. JOHN MCCAIN IS COMING TO MY TOWN THIS WEEK! Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have been so loud about it, but I'm excited! (uh-oh, was that an avocado chunk that fell...) Unfortunately, the tickets are already gone (and they just started giving them out this morning) so I won't get to see him. Nonetheless, I'm thrilled he's visiting our little town and I hope he's able to persuade more of its inhabitants to vote for him and Sarah Palin.
And that's all for tonight, folks. My cozy evening has just begun but I don't plan to spend it on the computer. I have a whole stack of good books to keep me company.

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