Thursday, October 9, 2008

Birds belong outside, not in public restrooms.

I am a firm believer in that. Especially based on my experience last night at play practice...
We were setting up the stage and preparing to begin running the show. I slipped out to *ahem* use the ladies' room in the back of the theatre. It's a charming restroom-- with a little primping area before you go back to the restrooms. So I open the large wooden door to the aforesaid primping area and step in. The next thing that occurs makes me feel like I'm in Alfred Hitchcock's film "The Birds." THe wooden door slams behind me and SWOOSH! Something flies in front of my face, flapping its wings wildly. Acting on impulse I race out of the restroom. Be still, my heart. I quickly glance around for the other actors, who thankfully are still busy with the stage. I gingerly open the door once more and peek my head in. There, on the table below the mirror, a little sparrow innocently tips his head to the side-- quite obviously confused at my fear. He blinks his little eyes at me and looks rather sweet. I determine he is harmless (plus I really need to use the restroom) so I oh-so-stealthily slip through the primping room. Fast forward to me exiting the restroom. Composed, I walk calmly back to the stage and inform everyone of the feathered visitor. They say they will take care of it. End of story.
Almost. One of the girls comes late to practice and before we realize it, she too has made her way to the back to use the restroom. You guessed it. She does the same thing I did. Enter bathroom. Exit bathroom. All within one second. Now being on the other side, I have to admit it was very funny.
I'm not sure what happened to the bird. I hope he found his way outside through the window, poor dear. After all, that is where birds belong. Outside in the trees and the sky-- not in public restrooms.

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