Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Of Mice and Memories

We cleaned out the attic above my dad's work building yesterday. My sister and I used to play house up there and so there were all sorts of dolls and doll clothing and homemade creations. Normally I would have been rather sentimental having to sort through it and give away or throw away items that hold such precious memories. Fortunately--or unfortunately, I'm really not sure which one-- I was distracted. You see, there has been a rumor lately of mice in the attic. I imagine I'm not the only girl with a fear of mice. There's just something creepy about them...they're fast and sneaky and they have teeth...So I climbed the attic stairs preoccupied with thoughts of the furry creatures rather than my childhood memories.
Thankfully, my mom took the worst job. She would pull out boxes from the deep, dark spaces for me and my brother to carry downstairs. I eyed each box or item carefully before touching it and oh-so-gingerly carried it downstairs, then dropped it at the base like it was on fire. I got a case of the shivers when what looked like a chewed-out hole in the bottom of the box. Nonetheless, we completed our task victoriously without any intruders. Insert sigh of relief here. I love happy endings.
Speaking of animals, this morning after church I was in my bedroom when I heard a faint meow. It sounded like it was coming from my room yet sounded far away. I called for my Maggie, thinking maybe she was under the bed. There it came again-- a tiny "help me" meow. I opened my closet, but no Maggie there. Finally, I looked at the wardrobe in front of me and opened the doors. My little pumpkin peeked her head out of one of the shelves and gave me a happy meow. I have no idea how she got in there without my knowing. Poor thing. She was there all during church! Hopefully she slept most of the time. She looked quite comfortable on my once folded and now wrinkled clothes.

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