Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ordinary Day, I'm glad to see you again

My poor little blog, I've neglected you so this month. But good news: the play is over. Now the sad news: the play is over. Looking back on the past two months, I see a lot of hard work. A lot of late nights. That crazy day I went to work with tightly-curled hair because that night I had to have my hair done for my character Elaine... Then I see the four shows this past weekend. I hear the laughter from the fantastic audiences. I remember the friendships formed as we actors worked towards a common goal. And the crazy-busy memories fade into the background as the sweet, special memories surface.
What am I going to do now that the play is over? Welllll, it doesn't take much time for me to answer that question. I'm so excited to have my weeknights back. Today was my day off work and what a delicious day it was. No commitments, nowhere to be all the delightful day. So-- I cooked and baked most of the afternoon. It looked like a tornado went through the kitchen, but I was a good girl and wiped counters and washed oodles and oodles of dishes. My bounty from all this effort, you ask? Apple butter, apple scones, coconut granola, and homemade deep-dish pizzas. The pizzas were from a Rachael Ray episode. The other three recipes are from the cutest cookbook ever, Fall, Family, & Friends-- it's one from the Gooseberry Patch series. I love those cookbooks. They are so cozy and homey and country-ish (I'm exhausted, so let me make up words if I want to, please).
Micah is hyper and happy as always, but I think he missed his walk with me this morning. If I can muster the energy, I'll take him out for an evening stroll. The colors are so beautiful, it will be worth it.
Last little tidbit before I become dutiful puppy-owner: I'm going to Kentucky!! Yay me! Three friends and I are going for a special horse farm tour going on this weekend. The tour will start out in Louisville and continue to Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. I'm really looking forward to a relaxing, enjoyable time with friends. Alright, it's 'mommy and Micah' time because I need to get back before dark.
Sorry this is rather boring and journalish (yeah, I know that's not a word either), but I'm feeling rather laid-back and lazy after my baking bonanza. Until next time...

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