Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thoughts on My Teenagers

Tonight was the first CCD class of the school year. I went early so I could have some time with the Lord in church and clear my mind of distractions. We have a large class this year-- about 30-35 teens if they all come. We had the annual welcome bonfire afterwards. Between the giggles and hot dogs and football tossing and crazy stories, I was able to just sit quietly near the edge of the fire by myself at one point and watch the action around me.
I love these kids. They never cease to amaze me...and amuse me. I laughed as one boy boasted how many hot dogs he had eaten. I cheered when one girl showed me how far she can throw a football. I smiled at the schoolgirl chatter. I listened to another girl share how she is witnessing her faith.
It's funny when I compare myself now to myself at the beginning last year-- my first year of teaching and being a youth leader. This year I feel more humbled and inadequate. I am somewhat sobered by the thought of the responsibility of leading their souls closer to the Lord. Each one is unique and so precious to the One who created him or her. I pray that God sends me the grace and wisdom to share His teachings with these kids. I pray that He uses me as His vessel, however unworthy I may be. I pray that the Holy Spirit will pour out His gifts upon these kids and bring them ever closer to the Lord.

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