Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Present Moment

I needed some fresh air and exercise this morning so I put a leash on Micah and we started down the country road. It was a beautiful, classic fall day. We had gone about a mile when I realized once again my mind had strayed from the present moment. Here was a gorgeous day-- just me, my dog, and God's wondrous creation-- yet my mind was dwelling on the past with frustration that I missed Grant's call last night from Kuwait, and the future with mulling over all there was to do and what needed done first.
I remember a quote from Jim Eliot, martyred missionary to Ecuador. He said "Wherever you are, be all there." It's such a small statement, but such a large task! I want to make that my goal, though. I watched Micah as we walked and thought about how well he fulfills that goal. He is full of love and excitement and awareness of his surroundings. He enjoys little things like grasshoppers and butterflies. He turns to me expectantly at the sound of my voice. He fully delights in the present moment, seemingly with no worries of the moments to come.
I continued on my walk with a fresh energy and awareness of the day. I saw the blue sky and fluffy clouds, the golden corn stalks and the waving soybeans, the changing colors of the trees in the woods. I felt the cool, caressing breeze. I heard the twittering of the insects. And once again I arrived at this conclusion: life is beautiful.

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