Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Talk # 9: Holiday

I'm taking advantage of the holiday weekend and letting it squeeze into this week. No post today -- I'm still on Thanksgiving break. (wink, wink)

My house is a mess despite the fact we've been gone most of the past week. We visited my husband's family on one side of the state over Thanksgiving and my family on the other side of the state over the weekend.

We were home on short night in between the trips but it was enough for me to beg gently encourage my husband to bring every single box of Christmas decor up from the basement. And it is now sprawled all over our home, an odd mix of old fall decor like turkeys and leaves and pumpkin candles...and the new Christmas decor of greenery and colored lights and balsam fir candles.

Note to self: unpack from travels before unpacking Christmas boxes.

Got to learn to live in the mess!

How was your holiday? We're officially into the season of Advent, how do you use this time to prepare Him room?

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  1. Haha oh man, I love the imagery of an explosion of decorations and boxes in your home :) That's neat you're treating this week as a bit of an extension of the Thanksgiving holiday; I definitely did that yesterday! I just needed yesterday to clean and organize life; while we were gone for Thanksgiving, our home was a wreck when we returned (plus, in our absence, our city had a massive ice storm, so when we got back there was a bit ol' power outage). Having an extra day (or two or three!) to catch up is so nice!

    1. Oh man! Power outages are no fun! Well, sometimes it slows you down in a good way but I always worry about the food in the freezer or fridge, lol!