Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Talk #10: Advent

This season. I love it.

No, not the gift wrapping and cooking baking and parties.

But the quiet moments, the holy hush, the sense of wonder and waiting and hopefulness.


As crazy as I am about Christmas (and yes, I'm all into the decorating and the music and the festivities!), in the past few years I've fallen in love with Advent. I see the wisdom of the Church in giving us this season of preparation before the celebration.

Perhaps it's my deeper experience of the world. Of grief. Of brokenness. Of uncertainty and unfulfilled dreams. Advent reminds us in the midst of these things that there's more. There's a Savior who came to save us from these. A Savior who still comes. Who gives such hope and meaning to the events of our lives.

A Savior who took on our flesh. Who knows what it's like to be human. He understands. Our infinite, almighty, all-powerful God understands what it's like to be human...to feel pain and anxiety and weariness.

I think of His Mother, of her faithfulness in the unknown. Her trust in Him when her world was turned upside down. She simply took the next step then the next then the next...and because of her faithful steps, our whole world is changed.

Advent calls me to pause. To reflect. To quiet my soul. There's a holy hush, a waiting. But the waiting is anything but empty.

It's a pregnant waiting, full of purpose and meaning. Full of the Christ-child.

But we must receive Him before we can bear Him to the world.

Join me this Advent? Commit to a quiet time, whether in the morning or evening. Slow down, quiet down. Look for the presence of Christ within you and around you. Hear His voice of hope and joy and love. Let Him grow within you.

And then like His Mother, let us bring Him to those we encounter. Perhaps by our simple, faithful steps day by day, God will change the world through us.

Do you celebrate Advent? How do you seek out the silence? What do you find in the waiting?

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  1. Laura, I love this reflection!!! This Advent, I have definitely been actively seeking out more silent reflection time. Using a book of short reflections, I've been spending time in quiet prayer & just silence by the light of our Advent wreath in the mornings. Something about silence with flickering candles has just been a wonderful way to start off each day (well, almost each day-there are some days when other stuff comes up and I have to do it later).

  2. Oh I just love hearing people talk about the awesomeness of this season! It makes me feel like a little kid again waiting for something so special. I got the Blessed is She advent journal and have liked taking time to read the gospel and reflect in there this year. Thanks for the reminder!