Monday, December 14, 2015

A Cookbook for Under the Tree

This book is a feast for your eyes. Seriously. My number one desire for a cookbook is a lot of pictures!! This one does not disappoint!

I'm a huge Food Network fan and their products (and their chef's products) are usually pretty trustworthy when it comes to quality. If you have not heard of Giada De Laurentiis before, she is one of the Food Network chefs, a lovely Italian with an infectious smile. This particular cookbook is a comprehensive one, including all the meals as well as snacks and treats and holiday cooking. It tends to focus on simplicity, enjoyment of cooking, and clean eating. 

I actually just enjoyed looking through and reading this book even when I wasn't in the kitchen! The ideas and pictures are delicious and it's fun to see the different topics. Most of the recipes were fairly healthy yet original and flavorful. I appreciated the variety as well-- casual breakfasts or gourmet dinners, even a section on "gifts from your kitchen." There were quite a few posed pictures of Giada herself throughout the book. At first I thought this seemed a little odd or too Hollywood, but then I also thought it does give a more personal feel to the book, like you're getting to know the chef and seeing her work with the recipes she shares. My other disclaimer would be that many recipes are not for the beginner chef (including myself in this category!). Though she does a great job explaining recipes, some of them just seemed a bit complicated or included ingredients that were above my budget or knowledge. It would be fun to branch out and make these for a special occasion but not for an everyday affair. However, she does have several other recipes that do fit my style, taste, and budget.

All in all, if you're looking for a gift for the chef in your family, this would make a lovely gift under the tree-- and would provide many future gifts on your table!

More Info on Happy Cooking (and a coupon code!)

About the Author (she went to cooking school in Paris!)

[This book was provided to me at no cost in exchange for a review. This review contains my honest and original thoughts. Thank you, Blogging for Books!]

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