Friday, December 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Christmas Style [vol. 4]'s Friday. As I was putting my coat on at work this evening, I had a painful flashback of the many Fridays in the past when I would race out the door, ready to see P. for a date. And as much as I wish that were the case tonight, I do have to say there's something comfy-cozy about this Friday-night-in. Organic frozen pizza in the oven...Brogan curled up on my lap...and lots of good books and DVDs...
There are also a lot of other happenings in my life right now besides the heartache (several good happenings, too!) but for this week I'm going to do my quick takes with a bit of a twist. Instead of seven updates, I decided to share seven Christmas-decorated areas of my home. The updates will come in time but for now...I hope you enjoy!
I love the fun colors of these ornaments...and they match the bright colors of our kitchen!


Just seeing these cute little guys makes me want to bake cookies :)


Love this one. So much meaning. The sign above the manger says, "God Keeps His Promises."
He did then. And He still does.
Who wants to wash her hands with Sugar Cookie soap and then put on Peppermint Candy Cane lotion?
So cozy.


Coffee or tea? It always tastes better in cute mugs!


I couldn't find my Advent wreath this thanks to an idea from my creative sister,
I have one now.

 --And just for fun--
Whew! Christmas decorating makes me tired! (Check out his festive velvet jingle-bell collar)

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  1. It looks wonderful! Really, it does, so inviting and cosy ... Tomorrow, I'm going to start decorating my house too!

  2. I figured I would reply to your comments here since blogger doesn't let people know when someone replies to their post and I wasn't sure if you go back and look or not (not everyone has as much time on their hands as I do...haha I gotta admit I go back and look).

    That's so cool that your brothers lead Koinonia too! Such a small world :) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks of their blog readers and commenters as friends! So you most definitely did not creep me out. I mean, I'm the one who emailed you because you popped into my head as I was getting ready to fall asleep one night last week, so if anyone gets the creepy award, it would be me ;)

    And because I'm apparently trying to win an award for longest comment here, I decided I needed one more paragraph. Haha. How about we just agree that we're friends so neither of us has to be creepy anymore? :) Sound good?

  3. Thank you, Ciska! I hope you had fun decorating!

    Jordan, haha. And I so appreciated that email and the prayers!! Agreed. :)

  4. This look SO CUTE, Laura! I love your creative version of 7 Quick Takes. :) And the chalkboard advent wreath - so clever! Hope you are doing well!