Monday, January 23, 2012

New Year, Fun Stuff

Happy New Year, dear friends! I pray that this year is one of digging ever deeper into the well of abundant graces from the Father.

On the topic of new things…here are a few fun updates:

-We are adopting a dog. Yes, this little guy is coming home to us this week. I don’t know exactly how it happened but one look at his puppy face and it all makes a little more sense...

-I joined The Catholic Young Woman as a contributor, thanks to the beautiful and talented Clare. I’m excited to be a part of this new ministry as well as getting to know the girls who write it and
the girls who read it. Feel free to stop over even if you’re not Catholic or young or a woman!

The Catholic Young Woman

-GIVEAWAY ALERT! I think that blog giveaways are super-fun and have been wanting to try it out. Check back soon for my very first giveaway—I’ll give you a hint: nothing spectacular but it is handmade.

Also, don’t forget those marching for life in Washington D.C. today and around the country. PRAY. Speak the truth in love. Be a part of the local right-to-life marches in your county today. Spiritually adopt an unborn baby in danger of abortion and pray that his or her life be spared (I ‘adopt’ a different one each year on my birthday)—maybe they’ll thank you in heaven someday!

Life is beautiful--and everyone deserves a chance for it.

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