Thursday, October 27, 2016

Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury: A Book Review

I wasn't familiar with the Really Woolly books but I love bedtime treasuries, as they remind me of a specific one my mom read to me growing up. The Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury is a beautiful book of stories, rhymes, and devotions for a little one at bedtime. Actually, the whole book is more like a devotion for little ones for bedtime. It's really (woolly) sweet. ;) Each chapter contains scripture, instruction, poetry, and stories related to that theme-- forgiveness, peace, God's guidance, thankfulness, and so on. At the end of each chapter, there's a "bedtime treasure" which consists of a summary point ("Every good thing comes from God") and a question for discussion/thought ("What has God given to you?").

I expected this book to be a collection of stories about the Really Woolly lamb, but instead it is definitely more of a devotional with rhyme and scripture, as I mentioned above. Neither is better than the other, just different. Though I'll always love bedtime stories and plan to read them to G. as she grows, I do like this concept of a devotional for young children. I'm not sure if bedtime is the best time or if I'd like it better for morning, but either way it's a lovely book-- content, cover, illustrations, and a great way to introduce spiritual concepts and the attributes of God to little ones.

4 stars. :)

[This book was provided to me by BookLook Bloggers at no cost in exchange for a review. This post contains my honest and original thoughts.]

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