Friday, October 14, 2016

Seven Quick Takes

It's been ages since I joined the SQT bloggers! It's now hosted by Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum, so hop on over to check out the other links as well. Baby G is sleeping oh-so-adorably beside me in her carrier after we got home from my mothers' book club at church this morning, so I'm taking the opportunity for some me-time instead of throwing in the next load of laundry. I'm really tempted to go make myself a cup of tea to sip while I type, but judging by her occasional fluttering eyelashes, she might be awake by the time I did that...


Speaking of the baby, she's ELEVEN WEEKS old! I can't believe how fast it's gone! I read the quote somewhere of parenting that "the days are long and the years are short." I can totally see that. I love the sweet little rhythm we're settling in to around here. Not that it's all easy and no tears (and I'm still getting used to my postpartum body!), but I feel like I'm getting the hang of things more and fully immersing myself in this beautiful vocation. In the midst of changing diapers and cooking meals and wiping spit up, there's a deep joy. There is purpose. I'm pouring myself out to raise this little human being, this precious gift from God, and it's amazing. Sure, I'd like a little more time for myself, I wish my face would quit breaking out from all the hormones, and I'd pay big bucks for a baby how-to manual...but in the end...this motherhood thing is the hardest and most incredibly beautiful thing I've ever done.

And hey, it helps that she's the cutest ever. The smiles just melt me. 


I'm fasting from Facebook for the 40 Days for Life. It's been awesome. There are things about Facebook that I love (keeping up with people, groups for advice, using it for events, etc.) and there are things are FB that I loathe (comparison, judgment, TIME-WASTING-- I'm guilty of all three). Every once in awhile I feel like I'm getting too attached and I taper down my use. But I haven't fasted from it like this for a long, long time. And it's wonderful. I can't believe how much simpler my life feels. I'm so much more in the present moment. I pray more. I think of others more and reach out to them by snail mail or phone call or text. And I'm surviving without asking my FB groups all the questions I have about baby-raising (in fact, I just might be praying about them more...)


On the flip side, I'm binge watching Downton Abbey. Yes, I know I'm late to that party but man! I LOVE this series!!! It's like a Pride and Prejudice that lasts longer than six hours (different time period but same wit and manners). I just finished season 4 and need to order season 5 from the library. I'm not sure how I'll survive until then (Netflix is not in our budget...). My favorite peeps: Mrs. Hughes, Anna, and the good old Dowager Countess.


My dairy/soy free diet continues. And it's not too bad. I've restocked the fridge this week with homemade bread, zucchini muffins, pot roast, chickpea salad, pulled pork, and tacos (minus cheese for me). Now all I need is to find some dairy-free chocolate chips because I'm craving cookies something fierce. 


We are LOVING fall. My husband works late hours this month because it's Respect Life month but we've still been able to enjoy it together. The weather has been gorgeous and the colors stunning. Despite my previously foiled trip to the pumpkin patch due to a flat tire, I did procure some pumpkins and gourds from a nearby farm selling them roadside, so our home is now decorated. I also have a cute, whimsical scarecrow that was in a free pile (!) at a garage sale this summer. He's the cutest addition by our porch steps, although my husband thinks it's hideous. What do you think? ;)


We're doing this book study/DVD series at my church for eight weeks. It's amazing!!! LOVE it. It's been such a blessing-- both the content and the dozen women I've met through it. It's truly helped me focus on the beauty and dignity of women as God created them as well as the beauty and dignity of motherhood (both physical and spiritual) that He's built into our very nature. The study has also covered great topics like comparison, emotions, expectations, and body image. 


I made it through the Quick Takes and she's still sleeping! Maybe I'll go make that cup of tea after all!

Happy weekend, sweet friends!


  1. Aww, Baby G is just so precious! I've been thinking of getting off Facebook for a while leading up to the election, and have loved the times I did give it up. It sounds like you're finding new fun things to make dairy free, so that's great. I grew up with there always being family members who can't have dairy, so I know alternatives have improved over time. They're just kind of expensive. If you like coconut milk, I'd recommend trying some fun recipes with that. Have you ever tried tikka masala? It's pretty simple if the spices are available in your area! I've been trying coconut or almond milk in my coffee lately and really like it - but definitely not the same :-) I don't think the scarecrow is hideous, and those pumpkins are cute. Loving fall!

    1. Yes, I'm so thankful there are alternatives more widely available now! I've been able to find some goodies on sale at Kroger-- like coconut milk coffee creamer, or oil-based "butter" etc. I've heard of tikka masala, I'll have to look up a recipe!! :)

      And glad you like the scarecrow! ;)

  2. I like your insights about your FB fast. I think in general we tend to turn to Google instead of God when we have a tough parenting question because it's so easy - or at least I do!

    1. Thanks, Jenny-- yes, I definitely do and I need to seek God first!

  3. Just stumbled upon your blog through 7QT! Your little girl is precious! Birth stories are my favorite, and I see the links to my right... can't wait to read :)

  4. HA! You know how many times I've had that dilemna-"Baby is napping, so wash dishes or blog/drink tea/have me time?"?!?! So, so many. Coming up with a daily schedule and allotting specific time for myself has helped me figure out when I need to be productive and when I need to have some leisure time, but I still question things now and then. It is definitely important to forgo chores sometimes to recharge and take care of ourselves! Baby G is so, so precious and adorable, and I love that you are growing in this motherhood journey! I honestly have read very few parenting books and have been trying ("trying" being the focus word here haha) to not rely on FB groups or Google to answer all my questions-I think it's pretty interesting to figure things out with my husband and try to get a hang of this parenting gig. Plus, every baby is different, so the advice of others can only go so far.

    The Dowager Countess is the BEST!!! I started out as not being *that* into Downton Abbey because it's so slow-moving and melodramatic, but some of the characters are amazing, and as the series went on I liked it more and more. Plus, when one has a tiny baby who wants to nurse and be held almost constantly, Downton Abbey is a good break from The Walking Dead :P Besides the Dowager, Anna & Mr. Bates were definitely some of the main motivation to stick with the series. Also, while I started out hating the character of Thomas, I found his whole character development fascinating and I like how he reminded me to see the humanity in each person, because we all have struggles. On a related topic, have you read "Minding the Manor" by Mollie Moran? It's the memoir of a woman who was a scullery maid in the 1930s in London, so it's very Downton-Abbeyish and super fun to read, AND it's a true story.

    1. Would love to hear more about your daily schedule!! I've tossed the idea around but it's hard to have a specific schedule when she's not on consistent naps, etc yet...

      Just ordered Minding the Manor from our interlibrary loan system! Thanks for the recommendation!! And I agree about Thomas! I've vacillated in my feelings about him in different seasons, lol!

    2. I hope you like Minding the Manor!
      With my daily schedule, I basically tried to find any sort of consistency that Peter was showing from day to day (approximately when he'd nap, eat, etc.) and planned a schedule around that. We followed it pretty dutifully for several weeks, and now that he's just over 4 months old, he's deviated a tiny bit from it (his lunchtime naps haven't been 3 hours anymore, and are now only about 1 1/2-2 hours) but we still keep to the schedule fairly well. A quick rundown on our schedule:
      7:30=wakeup (within the past couple weeks this has changed because I've been more exhausted than normal, so I've been getting up at about 8:30ish or so)
      9=Playtime (I like to have us both fed and ready for the day at this point)
      11=naptime for Peter
      3=afternoon tea for me (this is where I give myself some "me time." If Peter is awake, I'll let him play on the floor while I drink my tea/coffee and relax, even if it's only 10 minutes)
      I flesh it out a little more on a blog post I wrote ( but that is the basic gist of it! I hope that you're able to find a good rhythm or schedule to your daily life :)

    3. Thanks so much for your schedule!! It gave me some good ideas!

  5. Costco's Kirklands brand of chocolate chips are dairy free. :)