Friday, November 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Joining in on the fun of 7 Quick Takes...

 It's rehearsal time for an Advent drama the young adults at church are performing next weekend. Tonight was the music practice. I am LOVING singing with others makes me miss being in choir. And the songs C. picked out for the drama are absolutely beautiful. "Come to Us, Jesus" and "Ready the Way" are my favorites even though tonight was the first time I heard them!
There are speaking, singing, and dancing parts for this meditational-type performance. It's very unique and I'm excited to be a part of it. I even ventured into the realm of dancing, despite my lack of training in that area. The choreography has a lot of ballet (which I know nothing about--although I did do a workout DVD one time that used some ballet moves...) and it's incredibly expressive and beautiful. I'm loving these free dance lessons...
 Went through four days of volunteer training for our local crisis pregnancy center. It was emotionally and mentally draining, but I'm so glad I did it and I hope to be able to volunteer there once a week soon. It was mind-boggling to hear some of the stats and the stories. It was discouraging to think of the culture of death we've allowed to form, as well as the many negative health effects abortion has on women...but it was also encouraging to be in this pro-life class with 25 other women seeking to change all that.
 My friend K. is letting me borrow her zumba fitness DVD. I'm super-excited--even though I'm going to look absolutely ridiculous trying it out. With the cold, dark weather lately, I haven't been running...or even walking...outside and it's starting to get to me.'s time for some Latin music and dancing! Bring on the zumba! 

 My floors are dirty. And it's getting to me about as much as the lack of exercise thing. I've been gone almost every day and night this week. I'm home just enough to notice the dirt accumulating on the kitchen and bathroom floors, but not long enough to do anything about it. (Okay, so it wouldn't take me that long to grab a dustpan...but I'm really just wanting a span of a couple hours to do a more deep cleaning. Someday. Someday soon if I have anything to say about it.)
P. and I are headed on a mini road trip tomorrow to help his sister and her family move into their new home. I really would like a Saturday at home, but I figured dirty floors and Pinterest projects aren't really good reasons for me to stay home instead of joining him. This sacrificial love thing and all that--I'm a slow learner but I'm trying. And I am pretty excited about getting to ride in the car with him for several hours. And seeing his adorable niece and nephews and family.
Has not been the best week for prayer time with my busy schedule. I've prayed daily but not the long, purposeful prayer or devotional time I want...the coffee-shop-kind-of-prayer, you know? Today at work I took my lunch break and went to the chapel--thirsty for the Lord. It was so wonderful to spend time with Him. He refreshed and restored my soul with enough grace for the day and a little more. I read Psalm 57 while there--so beautiful, definitely a new favorite, and just right for today. "My heart is steadfast, O God..." There's that word again...
 Exhausted. Absolutely exhausted from the week. Cannot. Wait. To. Crawl. Into. Bed.
Goodnight! (Did I mention I'm loving this internet at home stuff?)


  1. I've been looking up 'Steadfast' in the Psalms. Look at Psalm 119, it is full of His steadfast love.

  2. Jenny, thank you! I read that chapter in the Adoration Chapel at church after you recommended it...WOW! Loved it!