Saturday, October 13, 2012

This will be my last update...

...from the coffee shop, that is. We are getting internet at home this coming week!

(Excuse me while I go do my happy dance for the hundredth time.)

For two years I have lived without internet at home. (welll...technically one year, since I do have a smartphone that works rather slowly and strains my eyes with the tiny words...) It was great. It was simplifying. It was peaceful. It saved moolah.

But it was also really inconvenient.

My dear friend R. and I at a wedding last year
I love blogging. I love looking up recipes, checking my library card account, emailing friends and family, and yep, Pinterest as well as the occasional
stalking browsing on Facebook. While I enjoy visiting the library or coffee shop to do that, I am so ridiculously excited to be able to hop on anytime at home. You'll be hearing a lot more from me, for better or for worse.

For tonight, I'm going to enjoy these moments in the coffee shop with my girlfriend and fellow blogger, R., while we sip our cozy-warm tea and write to our heart's content...

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  1. Yay! :) I got internet at home a year ago. I do have to say, it is rather nice.