Tuesday, October 30, 2012

You Thought You Knew Him...

Mmmm. We may have just had our Indian Summer for the year. This past week was one of beautiful sunny days with temperatures reaching the high 70's. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

I put the top down on my convertible for probably the last time this season and left it down into the evening. I pulled into the driveway after a long day and stopped. The temperature was still warm and the sky was full of stars, so I turned off the engine and the lights and just lay there in the reclined seat. Star-gazing. Praying. Enjoying the stillness and the vastness and the beauty.

Then I had one of those moments.

Where you realize you're talking to the God who created all this. That you know Him, love Him, and live your life for Him. That you're talking to Him as if you know Him intimately...like He's a friend or a Father... but that you've never even seen Him. That all these planets and stars beyond your mind's grasp are nothing compared to His power and might and glory.

And all of a sudden...you feel pretty small. And you feel like perhaps you don't know Him at all.

So you sit in awe and wonder and a little hesitation. You ponder the stories of Creation and Redemption and try to wrap your mind around them...around Him, which is of course impossible. But you remember He became man--one of us--and helped bridged that gap. That He walked here on this earth so you could learn to be His friend, His child, His beloved.

You look back up at the starry night sky with gratitude, a humble trust. You realize...even though it defies explanation or comprehension at times...you do know Him.

And He knows you.

Can silence be a prayer? Because tonight...words just aren't enough.

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