Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May is National Foster Care Month!

If one word could describe what the Lord has been teaching me in the past year (besides the never-ending lesson to trust!), it would be openness.

Being open to his leading, to opportunities and people He places in our paths each day, to our plans unraveling and His better ones unfolding. Having an open mind, an open heart, and open hands so that He can fill them. It’a beautiful, rewarding lesson.
But when I read about the Rosati family, I realize I still have a long way to go!
Kelly and John Rosati chronicle their journey through the foster care system and the adoption of their four precious children in their book Wait No More. This family inspires me beyond words with their open hearts and open home.  Kelly is the main voice of the book and I loved her humble, honest, casual-yet-passionate style of writing. This was one of those books I couldn’t put down and everyone around me patiently endured listening to me rave about it. (Thanks for putting up with me!)
Here’s a peek into some of my favorite thoughts from the book…
Recently out of the clear blue, Daniel [oldest adopted child] handed me something he’d written at church: God means everything to me. He means everything to me because He made me. He heals me, and He died on the cross for me, and He gave me a home with a family. He didn’t just give to me, He gave everything to me, including His life. (This just melts my heart—the contrast of this little boy’s life before and after adoption!)
One night we had been looking at African orphanage websites on the computer and the pictures of beautiful little children on the screen. I had apparently left the computer on overnight, and when I came into the room the next morning, I saw Daniel touching the face of a child on the screen and talking to her, saying ‘Don’t worry! We’ll come for you. We’re coming.” (yep, heart is definitely a puddle now.)
And there is this truth: We would never want to experience life without our daughter or any of our kids—whether that means life is easy or difficult. After all, where did we get the notion that the Christian life would be trouble-free? That’s not what Christ promised us. But He did promise that He would be with us in the midst of everything. He has promised that in the end, we will overcome just as He has. He has promised that He loves each precious human being made in His image and likeness. And He calls His followers to reflect that same kind of love.
In the United States, there are approximately 114,000 kids waiting for families and more than 300,000 churches. If only one family in every other church would adopt a waiting child, we could eliminate the list of waiting children.

 [Thank you, Tyndale House Publishing, for sending me the book for review free of charge. This review contains my honest and original comments about the book.]

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