Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

In a sea of blogging posts about mothers today, this post is simply from me to you, Mom.

It’s not meant to be an essay or a tribute or even an I-have-the-best-mom reflection (even though I do!)
It’s meant to be a simple, heart-breathed thank you.
For getting up in the middle of the night when I was crying...
For sitting on the edge of the bed when I couldn’t sleep…
For believing in me and carrying the torch of faith when I could hardly keep my head up…
For the long talks and tears on the phone…
For loving me when I was unloving.
For being a tangible example of God’s unconditional love when I couldn’t see it or feel it.
Thank you for walking beside me as I learned to be grateful for every moment.
For teaching me that I don’t have to be perfect…and waiting patiently until I learned it for myself.
For reminding me that He was working in my heart and life even when I couldn’t see…and for praying every morning that I would someday.
And now for rejoicing with me, laughing with me, sharing my joy and happiness and peace.
Thank you for forgetting the bad and remembering the good.
Next to my Father and Savior, you were the one closest to me on this journey, knowing my heart more than anyone as it bled, broke, fought, and healed stronger but gentler. Your prayers, your love, and your unwavering faith are a gift I hold with trembling hands of gratitude.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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