Monday, March 14, 2011


We visited my baby brothers at college recently. The little twins with the silky blonde hair are growing up to be strong young men with hearts that seek the Lord. Vibrant, sincere, mature...and the same delightful sense of humor. It was so good to see them, to hear stories of their new individual journeys. As my parents and I drove home on the long country roads in the fog and rain that night...

I felt the familiar heart-tug of nostalgia.

The reality of change.

The sudden realization of how much time can pass before we realize it has gone by.

Was it really that long ago that we all woke up in the same house, day after day? That we laughed at all our inside jokes, sang as we did the dishes, and knelt down to pray together in the evening?

Are we really all scattered now, seeing each other less often, talking less frequently?

And when did that happen?

Yet in the swirling of memories and realizations and wistfulness, I felt a constant.

Something that has never changed and never will change.

Or Someone.

The God who has been by our sides in the days of carefree childhood and lighthearted teenage years, and Who now guides us on the path of young adulthood. Faithful and unchanging.

He. Is. Constant.

Comforting thought.

And then I was pulled from my reflections as my dad changed the radio to an oldies station. I cringed smiled as he happily recognized an 80's song.

Ah, yes. The era of permed hair, leggings with stirrups, and that odd teal color that's neither blue nor green.

Maybe sometimes the passing of time is a good thing.

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