Monday, March 28, 2011


It’s incredibly beautiful when women come together for Christian renewal and fellowship. I was so blessed by the Christ Renews His Parish women’s retreat, recently hosted at my church. Highlights…

-getting to know many of the women on a deeper level, and seeing the variety of gifts and personalities (1 Peter 4:10).

-open, heartfelt sharing of our hopes and heartaches. The bond formed when we go beyond surface conversation. -celebrating the amazing sacrament of Reconciliation. And afterwards laying the nails we’d collected through the day (to symbolize our sins and weaknesses) at the life-size wooden cross.

-the music and singing: hymns, praise & worship, contemporary Christian music. Each one so meaningful and so powerful.

-the parishioners who each faithfully committed to a different hour of prayer in the chapel, in support of the women on retreat.

-the retreat team, and their examples of loving service, Christian sisterhood, and victory in Christ.

-rededicating our lives to Jesus and making a personal commitment, kneeling before the tabernacle and laying it on the altar.

-the “Women of the Waves,” my small group, and their beautiful hearts. The inspiration they gave as they shared stories of fear and courage, sorrow and trust, and ultimately faith.

-okay, I have to add this: The food. was. amazing.

Faith, food, and fellowship. It doesn’t get much better.

Thank you, Lord, for such a beautiful weekend of renewing my heart and the women of our parish.

Women of the Waves (Riding the waves of life because we know the One who walks on water! )

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