Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Turn... be the birthday girl! What a great day! So many little things that added up to one very special day. I didn't really have any expectations for my birthday this year-- I think that's what made it so enjoyable! I appreciated all the small moments and thoughtfulness because they weren't expected. ( I see a life lesson in that?)

In the evening, I opened...are you ready for this...a letter to myself that I wrote ten years ago on my birthday. Four pages of words from my teenage self. Advice, hopes, dreams, memories. Some of it brought tears to my eyes. And some of it made me laugh out loud!

Then I sat down and penned a letter to myself ten years from now. What a difference in the content, yet some things are very much the same. Will I look back at this one and laugh just as merrily? Will the memories make me cry? Will I smile at God's faithfulness once again?

Looking back ten years...then looking forward ten years...all in one evening. A lot of emotion for my little heart.

I have a couple blog posts in the making, but for now, only a couple websites to share.

Whole Grain Gourmet- I love cooking with whole wheat flour and other whole grains, yet substituting them in a new recipe can make for some interesting results. Enter Whole Grain Gourmet-- where they've already tested the recipes with whole grains. I love it! Such a variety of recipes and the comments provide helpful feedback. At this point, I've only perused the recipes, but I do see they have a forum as well.

Old-Fashioned Living- I stumbled onto this website when looking for instructions on cooking pumpkins last fall. What a jewel! All sorts of Do-It-Yourself ideas for crafts, recipes, decorating, and more--all with an old-fashioned flair. Again, I'm not a member on the forum, but I have certainly enjoyed the resources shared on this site!

I haven't been through all the content on these sites, so as always, visit with care. They really are delightful, though, and I hope you enjoy them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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