Monday, February 7, 2011

Life is beautiful...

-singing along with a catchy pop song while washing dishes.

-after an hour-long phone call with a dear friend.

-when I felt the gentle conviction of the Gospel reading of the Beatitudes at Mass on Sunday…just when I was struggling with comparing myself to others who seemed to have it all—on the outside.

-when my roomie and I stayed up late talking and drinking our Trader Joe’s Sipping Chocolate in coconut milk.

-when a friendly peaches-and-cream kitty trotted up to me as I stood by my car on a clear, cool night.

-with the warmth and sense of belonging I feel in my choir family and my church family.

-when my voice teacher encouraged me to look into becoming a Disney World singer—I mean, who wouldn’t want to dress up like a princess and sing Disney songs for a job?

-when an employee at JoAnn’s helped me pick out fabric, reminding me of the importance and beauty of the human connection in a world with ATMs and self-checkouts.

-with the little, unexpected things my parents do for me…and the realization of how much I love and treasure them.

-after a long day of errands and grocery shopping, thankful I have the money to pay for them.

-listening to the Christian radio station…the uplifting conversations as well as the songs.

-knowing that the little moments do matter, perhaps more than the big moments. That even when I’m unsure of the big picture, I can focus on these little moments and remember that in "the abyss of eternity...nothing is lost" (St. Maria Faustina).

-and finally, I have to say life is quite beautiful with a handful of crunchy almonds and 90% dark chocolate chunks. :)

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