Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ready for Christmas

“Are you ready for Christmas?”

It’s one of the common questions of the season. A friendly conversation starter. Yet I’ve noticed that the answer usually is directed toward gift lists and shopping.

Implying that if we have made our list of gift recipients (and checked it twice!), completed our shopping, wrapped and labeled our presents…then we are truly ready for Christmas.

Yet isn’t being ready for Christmas less about giving gifts…

…and more about receiving the ultimate Gift?

The gift of a God’s incredible, redeeming love in sending His Son to become one of us, to live among us—and to die for us.


I think this is one time when it's better to receive than to give.

Lord, help me to prepare in this final week of Advent, to be truly ready for Christmas. To not get distracted by the world’s requirements for a perfect holiday, but to focus on what You desire of me. To set aside time from preparing gifts, goodies, and activities so that I may prepare my heart to receive You once again this Christmas.

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