Friday, November 9, 2018

What's Saving My Life Right Now (SQT)

It's Seven Quick Takes time. We've had a rough month or two but rather than dwell on that I'm going to share seven things I'm thankful for lately! (Kind of like mixing the "what's saving my life" and the "seven quick takes" link-ups together. ;)

1. Jesus, of COURSE, is saving my life right now. ;) But honestly, hard times push us to prayer and there's a lot of grace in that. In particular, I'm loving this devotional/Scripture study from Take Up and Read:

2. Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. This has been my favorite for almost ten years but I rarely treat myself to it because it's not exactly in the SAHM/ministry-wife budget. But I split a bulk pack of it with my sister and it was heavenly. (Was. Yes, it's gone already, ha.)

3. Online shopping. This is embarrassing. But it's so great! It is so not fun to take two littles in and out of stores when it's cold, rainy, and one of them hates his carseat. I am doing my best to keep the spending down and mostly on 'necessary' items (see SAHM budget quip above) but I have possibly splurged on a new planner and a couple snazzy Catholic kids Christmas gifts recently. Um, and online groceries and grocery pick-up, can we talk about how amazing that is?? Actually, let's not...I'm feeling lazy realizing all that I shop for online.

4. Real food. I like junk food as much as the next person but I really run better on home-cooked food. I've tried to simplify our meals during my husband's busy month in October but mama is so much happier with hearty casseroles than frozen chicken nuggets...and of course with homemade cookies and muffins. So I'm finding the time to make it all and it's been worth prioritizing.

5. Redecorating our home...mostly in my mind but sometimes in real life! With a few gift cards we had been blessed with, I got these pictures from Hobby Lobby and a coat hook board (is that what you call it? ha!). I've been wanting to do something to the big wall in our laundry room that by the garage door. I love that the coat hooks are reachable for little hands, and the Scripture verse on the pictures can remind them that God has a plan for them within our home and as they come and go.

6. Crocheting and crafts. Can you tell I'm stuck indoors a lot lately? All this cooking and decorating and crafting...usually done with a baby sleeping on me, of course. But I'm working on an infinity scarf, an earwarmer, a market bag, and stamped drink coasters-- hopefully for Christmas gifts.

7. K-Love radio. I know some people think Christian radio is cheesy, but I am so grateful for it! The other day I was telling Mother Mary I desperately needed some help and I immediately thought of Christian radio...I think it was her whispering, knowing how much it would encourage and uplift me. I decided to listen to it at least an hour every day for a week and challenged my sister to do the same. I am LOVING all the encouragement and fellowship and the Christ-centered lyrics staying in my head all day.

Happy weekend! Joining up with Kelly and the other Quick Takers!


  1. I love the Take up and Read journals! I am hoping to get the Advent one soon, because... oh how I love Advent. I am NOT a morning person but I actually got up early to light a candle, pray and journal last Advent because of it.

  2. I'm so glad that God has been sending some fun things your way in a challenging time of the year! I'm with you on the home decorating-I take forever to put things on our walls and decorate, so when my in-laws were here, I gave my MIL a stack of stuff and asked her to tell me where to put it/put some up. She's a professional photographer and is very good with interior design, so she hung up a few items and picked places for the rest of the things! It's so homey around here now :)

    Girl, there is no shame in online shopping and grocery pickup! Life with tiny humans can be pretty chaotic, and if online shopping or pickup is saving your sanity/way more convenient than hauling kids out into the cold, through parking lots, and into stores...I don't think there's anything wrong with that ;)