Friday, December 15, 2017

7 Quick Takes: Holiday Updates Edition

1. Ten days until Christmas!! Which means ten days left of Advent! It's been a good one. I'm sure it could always be better, but it's honestly just been really good. We have loved our new tradition (thanks, Cordelia! ;)) of lighting the Advent wreath at night and singing a verse of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" by the light of it. Even G tries to sing, it's so precious. These books have each played a part in my Advent as well:

So, so good! If you're thinking you don't struggle with anxiety or depression,
know that most of the book was actually more about being intentional with
your holiday season in order to stay peaceful and Christ-focused. 

Quote coming soon from the book on the right. Love me some Ann Voskamp.

2. I've had just enough events to enjoy the season without feeling too overwhelmed. It's been lovely. We went caroling with a few other families at a nursing home. Last night I went to a festive moms' group Christmas party. I hosted my book club's Christmas brunch. And last weekend we went to a "Friendsmas" party with several other families. This coming week has NOTHING planned, which feels like the perfect schedule for the last week of Advent. Extra time to slow down those last few days as this all-too-short Advent season winds down.

3. My brother came over yesterday and helped me bake holiday goodies. I froze most of them to eat during the "real" Christmas season, but I have to admit I kept a few in the fridge for naptime snacks! ;) We made Chocolate Toffee bars, Almond butter cookies, and Spritz cookies. Earlier in the week, I made Thin Mints to give to our neighbors...they are so easy (but a little messy!). You simply dip Ritz crackers into melted chocolate chips mixed with peppermint extract!! Then sprinkle a crushed candy cane on top for looks and some extra crunch. Tada!!

Yes, yes. I am THAT corny with the label: So glad we're was "mint" to be!

4. There's something very special about being pregnant at Christmastime. Here's a little bumpdate of me (from a few weeks ago...definitely getting more of a bump/blob since then! ;) and here's our little one's precious face from my recent ultrasound!! I still occasionally worry when the baby doesn't move much some days but overall I've tried to be better about entrusting this babe to the Lord and knowing every day with him/her is a gift, however long God gives us!
I love that gorgeous sweet niece let us sleep in her room for our Thanksgiving travels. ;)

That tiny nose and perfec

5. I'm still crocheting a lot and am so proud of myself for actually completing my homemade Christmas gifts! ;) Most people got a crocheted washcloth with homemade coffee-scented soap, but I also made a couple infinity scarves and ear warmers. On the subject of crafting, my mom knitted these GORGEOUS stockings!! They are for our miscarried baby I and for little G. She's working on one for the new baby as well as ones for me and P. Can't wait to see them all hung on our shelf!

My first ear warmer

hashtag goals ;)

6. Can't be remiss about this little girl. She is so darn sweet lately. She's been sleeping better through the night, which helps too! She has learned to bow her head and pray before meals with her little hands clasped (and then we all sing Amen and Hallelujah), she "blesses" people on their heads with her hands (daddy taught that one), and she has learned to "feed" her stuffed animals with bottles. She responds to so many questions and commands but still only speaks a couple words. I'm overwhelmed by what a gift she is. So grateful.

She loves to smile and laugh like her mommy.

She has been extremely good about the Christmas tree but can't resist the Nativity. ;)
Some friends of ours recently gave her a Little People nativity, though, and that has helped. 

7. And that's a wrap! (pun intended, of course). I hope you all are staying warm and cozy this month and drinking all the hot chocolate. We currently have about an inch of sparkling snow on the ground and clear roads...if only if could stay just like this for awhile (except maybe a little warmer so we could go out and play). Happy 2nd week of Advent!


  1. I'm so glad you are doing well and having a fun time! I need to try those Thin Mint cookies, that sounds like something right up my alley! Good job completing your Christmas gifts! I am woefully a procrastinator and finally decided that I could make homemade lotion bars, but the supplies are still in my Amazon cart (and now one of the items is unavailable), so I don't know if it will happen.

  2. Happy Advent! This all sounds lovely. Your thin mints are so cute, haha. And such a precious profile of Baby! That's a great first ear warmer and so cool to have homemade stockings and gifts. G is adorable and gah! Singing along to O Come, O Come, Emmanuel - I can't even. I shall be enjoying ALL the hot chocolate too - enjoy the quiet week!

  3. So sweet! You are glowing in that picture and what a beautiful profile of baby!!! Loved this updater and all the pictures. xoxo!

  4. I'm so glad the Advent wreath singing is going so well for you guys! I always love how simple it is, but the kids are always enchanted by the lighted candles and singing "O Come O Come," even if it's always the same verse hehe. Repetition is good for little ones, right? :)I've never read Ann Voscamp before, but have heard her name alot. I'll have to look into her! I love Gianna's brown dress and tights - such a cute style! And what a precious ultrasound profile ❤️❤️ Def a beautiful time to be pregnant. I hope you all have a beautiful blessed Christmas weekend!!!