Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 in 12 Photos [Link-Up]

So even though we're still in the midst of the Christmas Octave and liturgical season, and I'm doing my best to stay in a celebratory and relaxed mood this week, there is definitely part of me that's so ready to start my New Year with lots of cleaning out, organization, and nesting for this little one!

But since we're not yet to the New Year, I think it's good for me to take some time today to reflect on this past year...the blessings, the challenges, the growth. To remember the past before looking ahead.

So without further ado, I'm joining Bobbi's link-up at Revolution of Love. Here's a little of what our year looked like:


I resigned from my position to start staying home full-time with this girl. So bittersweet
to leave my work family and a job I loved, but so peaceful to be intentional in my motherhood and follow what
I believed God was calling me to.


We had some crazy warm weather in February and took lots of walks and even played basketball!
G developed a scary side effect after one of her vaccines and it took many doctor visits and tests and treatment to overcome it. Definitely a rough month for us, but the sunshine helped!


I bought donut baking pans and decided this was the coolest thing ever. They have since been brought to many family/holiday gatherings and are fast becoming a fun tradition!


Lots of warm weather and realizing I could effectively hike and let the baby nap on me at the same time. I enjoyed exploring new metroparks with friends!


I began developing a deeper friendship with one of my neighbors (and baby G with her kids ;) ). C has been such a blessing in my life, with her heart for God and her passion for Christian marriage and motherhood. And the best part? We live a couple streets apart and can meet in the middle at the park. :)


These lovely flower baskets were such a triumph for me! I got them on clearance when they were scraggly and was able to nurse them back to health and beauty! We finally started transitioning G to the crib for naps instead of wearing her and I had more time to sit on the porch and enjoy the gorgeous weather and flowers!


A month of many "firsts"-- swimming, blueberry picking, picnics, traveling,
and HER FIRST BIRTHDAY! This was probably my favorite summer month, filled with family and friends and fun memories (except for our transition from cosleeping to crib).


We found out that G was going to be a big sister! We were immediately thrilled...she took a little longer to adjust. ;) 


I do love fall in the Midwest...we enjoyed bonfires, an apple orchard, decorating, picking out pumpkins, and more.


I started crocheting again and made these washcloths to go with some homemade soap for Christmas presents! I'm still going strong and have learned some new techniques as well! I added ear warmers and infinity scarves to my collection and hope to start a baby blanket soon!


We took an EPIC mini vacation to Amish country and brought along P's mom "Nana". You wouldn't think a vacay to Amish country would be epic, but it was!! We enjoyed swimming in our hotel pool, shopping, amazing Amish food, touring an Amish chocolate factory, and finally a huge Amish 'farm' that included giraffes, zebras, and buffalo that roamed free and CAME UP TO OUR CAR for food!! My husband fed a zebra, y'all, and we will never be the same. ;)


This isn't the best lighting, but this picture means so much to me. A movie night with the husband watching "It's a Wonderful Life." We got interrupted by a sick toddler who couldn't sleep, but even that just added to the reality that we have a wonderful life. We love and are loved. The mantle holds some greenery and the many Christmas cards we received from family and friends far and near. The three stockings are for our three babies-- one in heaven, one on earth, and one in the womb. Our hearts are so full. 


My sweet neighbor captured this one. We ended up not using it for Christmas cards because the lighting was too bright, but G's expression is priceless!

I couldn't resist adding this one of little G at the manger in church on Christmas...a family tradition that started when I was a child myself. 

It's been a beautiful year. I've entered more fully into motherhood and found a more comfortable, peaceful place with it. I'm less concerned if I'm doing it 'right' and more concerned if I'm giving it my heart. I'm less concerned if she's meeting her milestones and more concerned if I'm mirroring God's love to her. Our community of church and friends has grown and deepened this year and I'm incredibly grateful for them, especially since we do not live near family. Yet I'm also so thankful for the many visits we had from and with family, the traditions and memories we've started and made. Life became simpler, smaller, and richer this year. I suspect next year will challenge me as we add our little babe to this side of the womb but I pray that the grace and growth I've received this year will help me rise to the occasion. Thank you, Father, for all these good gifts.


  1. Oh man, you’re making me add a donut pan to my wishlist! And I love how you have a stocking for all of your babies ❤️

    1. Yes! It's SO easy making the donuts (esp if you use the cheat recipe with a cake mix, haha!) and kids love them!

  2. I love reading on the porch; yours looks so beautiful! May 2018 bring you and your growing family much happiness!

    1. Thank you! It was one of my favorite things about our house when we were house-hunting! I had never had a front porch! :)

  3. These pictures are all so lovely! What a beautiful year you've had :)

  4. What a year! So beautiful. And G is getting to be such a big girl - that manger picture is precious! Praying for all the grace for what 2018 holds.

  5. Loved your selection of pictures for this post! Enjoyed reading your reflection about motherhood at the end too. Happy 2018, may it be blessed! xo!

  6. Glad that this has been a beautiful year for your little family! I love the joy seen in all of these photos (except possibly in the one about becoming a "big sister"--haha! too cute!)