Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Ordinary

It was a typical morning. My hair was messed up. I was overtired, chugging the coffee while I tried to read a devotional or pray a morning offering. The baby crawled around, interrupting me every two minutes but smiling so darn cute. I started thinking about all I needed to do for the day, most of it trivial yet necessary (meals, laundry, cleaning, etc.), and I could feel a negative attitude coming on.

And then a quote changed the course of my morning.

I'm reading Resisting Happiness by Matthew Kelly. There's nothing particular new about each chapter, yet all of them are life-changing. It's the simple things I don't do but should. The truths that are so important yet I forget.

Like this one:

"God loves ordinary things. The world is always trying to seduce us with the extraordinary. The culture fills our hearts and minds with spectacular dreams about hitting home runs, but life is about getting up every day and hitting a single."

If your life is feeling mundane and ordinary today, embrace it. God does. Let's focus on faithfully hitting a single today.

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