Thursday, July 20, 2017

Life Lately

I'm guessing this post is going to take more than one sitting to write it...because my 'sittings' are rather short these days. ;)

-We have finally transitioned G to her crib and pack and play instead of cosleeping. To be honest, as she approaches one year we're realizing that she's just simply a very difficult sleeper no matter where she is. She was waking up 6-10 times a night in our bed to nurse (which at least I didn't have to get up and we both fell back to sleep quickly) and now in the crib or PNP she's waking up 4-6 times a night and I'm only nursing her two of those times. The whole nighttime thing is just grueling and takes me to the end of my rope mentally and physically and emotionally at times, but I try to step back, look at the big picture, and either tell myself to offer it up and give it to God or to remember it won't last forever and I *might* even miss those midnight snuggles someday. ;)

-Man, I'm tired just thinking about it all right now and I'm having trouble thinking of what else to write...because that seems like our life right now, ha.

-But there's Poldark. So one of the perks of no longer cosleeping is that my husband and I get back some quality time together in the evening! We were big Downton Abbey fans and were sad to see the series end, but we've recently picked up the PBS Masterpiece series Poldark, based on the books. Have you seen it? What are your thoughts? We were unsure the first few episodes and the characters are pretty flawed at times...but we're getting hooked just like I did with DA. Episode 4 was sooo good and we both had teary eyes at the end! Would love to hear your favorite period dramas or series in the comments!

-We bought our very first grill this past weekend! So exciting! We had a hand-me-down charcoal grill from my brother-in-law and it worked well and made delish food but we finally splurged on a gas grill that has much more surface area as well. I'm so looking forward to trying new things on it as well as the classics-- I really want to try grilling pizzas!!

Funny story about our purchase...we couldn't find anyone with a truck to borrow so we ended up renting the Home Depot truck (did you know they have that service? Pretty inexpensive, too!). I drove home with the baby while P drove home with the grill (his baby??). I helped him unload it and then I went to take the baby upstairs for her nap and he left to drop off the truck...

And then he called me when he got there because he realized he would need me to come pick him up and bring him back home!! We're so sleep deprived we didn't even think about that part!! hahaha!!

-Inspired by Humorous Homemaking, I have begun a weekly Kitchen Day, where I spend a large chunk of my time in the kitchen making 'non-dinner' items like muffins or granola or boiling eggs or prepping produce for the week. I am loving it!! I also designated a Laundry Day, Cleaning Day, and Grocery Day for the week. Beforehand, I had been doing those things as needed whenever they came up (throw in a load of laundry here and there, sweep the kitchen when I saw too many crumbs, etc.) but I am really liking to focus on one thing each day and to do it well-- and then to forget about it until the following week, haha! What are your favorite ways to do chores? Are you a routines and schedules person or a procrastinating person or somewhere in between?

-We've done a lot of traveling this month for family gatherings, holidays, and weddings but it has gone fairly well. It's been so much fun to see G interacting more with cousins and friends. Her first birthday party is coming up and we're so excited to host our family and friends here. I've gotten a few ideas on Pinterest without going overboard and decided to do an ice cream theme (even though we're dairy free, lololol....yeah, not really.) Supposedly, she is supposed to outgrow the dairy sensitivity by age one...but we're almost there and she's still getting nasty diaper rashes anytime I have milk products. Let me tell you, it's getting verrrrrry old in the summertime when I just want to eat all the ice cream, all the cheese, and all the yogurt and cream cheese, and did I mention ice cream? But it's a small thing in the big picture, and we're so grateful she doesn't have any true, chronic diseases.

-Naptime's almost over, so that's all for now, friends. Give me some comment love and tell me all about your summer. :)

Yes, I will do just about anything for some free Chick-fil-a food...
Cow Appreciation Day 2017. So fun. ;)


  1. I love the idea of having a day for each chore! I am a routine person all the way but somehow end up doing every chore on the weekend! I am going to try to space it out throughout the week. Love the pic! <3

    1. Yes, I struggle with doing chores on Sundays but I have been making more of an effort to honor the Lord's Day more and rest!

  2. You two look so cute in your cow outfits! I'm so sad, the past 2 years I've completely forgotten about Cow Appreciation Day (and even though my little sister works at Chik Fil A, my family didn't think to call me and tell me about it because it didn't cross their minds). Next year, I will try to remember to see when it is and put it on my calendar!

    I'm sorry to hear that baby G isn't sleeping well still, but I'm glad to hear that you two have gotten to have quality time with your husband! As much as I loved our months of cosleeping with the baby, I really haven't missed it because it is just so good to have that time with Jacob (or by myself, reading a book in bed while Jacob finishes stuff up on the computer).

    Ooh, I like the idea of kitchen day! Having days dedicated to specific chores has been so transformative for my life (eventually, I hope to get around to writing a post about how this has changed my life for the better). It's great to have that little rhythm to the week. Mondays are dedicated to getting the house tidied after the weekend and looking ahead to big projects for the week, Tuesday is Bathroom Day, Wednesday is Laundry Day, and Thursday and Friday don't have specific assignments yet, but I've been toying around with the idea of turning Monday or Thursday into a general cleaning/dusting day. Maybe I'll try that out in a week or two.

    Oh Poldark. I loved how the show focuses on a married couple, because it seems that so often, movies end with the marriage taking place-I guess that's a good benefit of having more time with a show. I enjoyed Season 1, and I started watching Season 2, but a few episodes into it, Ross was making me so mad that I just quit. I couldn't handle seeing him make such horrible decisions, and it was stressful for me haha. Have you seen Anzac Girls? I just watched it a few weeks ago-it's a great miniseries about Australian nurses during WWI. It was really, really good!!!

    1. I love your weekly schedules!! I especially like the idea of using Mondays to tidy after the weekend! Right now Monday is my grocery day...but the house is usually pretty messy! ;)

      Oh no!! Season 2 is in for us at the library! I'm so nervous about it now!!

      Anzac Girls sounds like something I would love!!