Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our Triduum Plans

It's here! The Triduum has begun! (For Catholics, the Triduum is the three days of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. We remember and celebrate the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist, Jesus' carrying the cross and His death for us on it, and then the burial and the waiting, the "in between" time, of Holy Saturday.)

Though my Holy Week started rather shakily, I'm excited about the Triduum and I've seen God's grace at work through this week. I was able to experience the sacrament of Confession on Tuesday and felt so much grace and mercy from the Lord's forgiveness. It has helped me clear my mind and heart to focus on the upcoming liturgy.

It's a blessing to be home this year, whereas previous years I've had to work on these days and it was more of a rush to get to a Mass or service. I'm thankful to be able to have the church events be the focal point of my days this year, although I know it will be a challenge to stay focused once I'm there and little G is moving all around! ;)

Holy Thursday: today I'm trying to clean the house, make a couple pot pie casseroles, one to eat today and one to freeze. Since we'll be with family on Easter, I know it would be nice to come home to a clean house and leftovers in the refrigerator. Plus I'm just in a spring cleaning kind of mood. Our neighborhood is blooming with cherry trees and flowers and I'm all about wiping the windows so we can see it better! This evening we'll head to our parish's Holy Thursday Mass. Today is such a rich day of layers-- the Passover of the Old Testament, the Last Supper of the New Testament, and the Mass and Eucharist celebration of today. The instructions to roast the lamb and eat it...the breaking of the bread to become the Body of the Lamb, "This is My Body, given up for you"...and now receiving the Eucharist as we do indeed remember and "do this in memory" of Him. Thank you, Jesus, for this incredible gift.

Good Friday: my husband has the day off, which will be so nice. I plan to spend the morning catching up on the rest of the laundry and cleaning, and then hopefully spend the afternoon hours in the solemn quiet and reflection warranted by the day. I wish our communities still observed the noon to three closings of businesses and schools and such. But we'll try to shut off our media and music and have our own solemn remembrance at home. Our parish has a service at noon or the neighboring Catholic church has one at 2pm, depending on the baby's nap schedule. ;) In past years, I've watched the Passion of the Christ but I'm not sure I'll be able to sit through a whole movie this year.

Holy Saturday: I love Holy Saturday. I read once that we tend to spend a lot of our lives in "Holy Saturdays." We don't daily have the tragedies of Good Friday nor the rejoicing of the Resurrection and Easter, but rather we live a lot of our lives in between those two extremes...and often waiting and hoping for something in the midst of the ordinary. I love that. I'll probably spend the day preparing for Easter. I'd like to put out my spring and Easter decorations, including my bird feeder and wind chimes outside and decorating my seasonal chalkboard inside. I'm making carrot cake for our Easter dessert (dairy free! Yippee!) and might make some deviled eggs (my husband hates them but my mother-in-law loves them...). I wish we could make it to the Easter Vigil Mass to top off the Tridduum because there's just nothing like that Mass. The new Catholics coming in to the Church, all the extra Scripture readings, the candles and the music!!! But alas, our baby is at that too-old-yet-too-young stage for it and I know the Lord understands. I do look forward to worshiping at the Easter morning Mass (and on a less pious note, G and I have very closely matching dresses, even though I found hers secondhand recently and have had mine for years. Very excited to snap some mother/daughter pics!). Someday when G is older, I want to make Resurrection cookies with her-- have you seen those? They are the ones like meringue cookies, where each ingredient stands for something in the Passion of Christ, then you put them in the oven ("tomb") and seal it overnight, then on Easter morning you wake up and they're not only ready to eat, but they're hollow or "empty" inside, just like the tomb after Jesus rose! :)

If you're still with me after all this rambling, you're a true friend! haha! What are your Triduum or Easter plans this year?


  1. Just going to Easter Vigil Mass at the Catholic church I to go in Oakland.

    1. I love the Easter Vigil so much. Did you have any RCIA candidates this year to be baptized, confirmed, etc? My favorite are the adult baptisms! So powerful!!

  2. Those dresses sound darling! And these are great plans. Someday, when Peter is older, I want to make Resurrection cookies, too! And maybe do a Resurrection garden, because those sound awesome.

    My Holy Week has not been going according to my plans, and it's been pretty awesome. I got sick on Tuesday nothing too major, just a horrible sore throat and lots of fatigue), so instead of my original plan this week, I was not able to do much outside of take care of the baby and drink tea. But as I prayed St. Faustina's Way of the Cross yesterday, I read one part where she basically says "Jesus, thank you for sickness and trials and the upsetting of my plans!" so that helped put things in perspective :) So it's been a very different, but peaceful kind of week. The Triduum is my favorite time of the year, and I love it all. I couldn't make it to Holy Thursday Mass (Jacob fabulously took the baby with him so I could rest at home), but I was able to make it to the Good Friday service yesterday! And after getting lots of sleep last night, I'm feeling way, way better, so today I'll be cleaning and taking care of some odds and ends before the Vigil. I'm not sure yet if we're insane to try this with a 10 month old :P Though ironically (or providentially?) he stopped going to sleep at his bedtime earlier this week, and has been happily staying up extremely late. Not so great normally, except that hopefully this means he'll be in tip-top shape for partying late into the night at the Vigil?

    1. Aw man!! There's nothing like getting sick when you have a lot of plans!! Love how much you responded to God's grace and allowed your sufferings to be sanctified!! Teach me, wise one!! ;)

      How was the Vigil with the baby??

    2. Vigil was awesome! He didn't sleep at all, but he was very happy (yay!!) except for when the congregation applauded for the newly baptized and confirmed, then he scrunched his face and started to get mad until I nursed him. Mass was spent with lots of nursing, trading him back and forth with my husband, and watching him "flirt" with all the ladies in the near vicinity (one of his favorite ways to spend every Mass, actually!). I was quite relieved, because I wasn't expecting it to go as well as it did!