Wednesday, September 7, 2016

With Grit and Grace: September

No frills to this post, folks. Little G is sleeping while I drink my coffee (coffee and I are besties once again) and eat some oatmeal but she keeps making the cutest little grunting noises so I have a feeling she'll wake up before I finish this post...

I'm joining up with the Grit and Grace girls this month because I am all about the goals! I've found in these first couple months of parenthood that I am a creature of routines and schedules and to-do lists...and that parenthood, at least of a newborn, is not conducive to that! Yet I crave some semblance of order and accomplishment so I'm learning two things. One-- to give myself some grace and realize feeding and caring for and loving my daughter is my greatest goal right now and the one God (and my husband, thankfully) most desires me to work on. Two-- that I can still create goals and loose schedules even in this season if I'm willing to be flexible and think small.

Here are the areas I decided to make a goal in for each week (notice I didn't say daily...weekly seems more attainable at this point!).

My Marriage- what can I do to nurture and prioritize this relationship, which is the foundation for our daughter?

My Spiritual Life- how can I grow closer to God in this new season where I have more quiet time at home  but less focus and less sleep?

My Creative Spirit- what can I do to feed my creativity and enjoy a small amount of time for projects, crafting, or hobbies?

My Clean Freak side- sometimes it's all I can do to keep up with the normal chores like dishes or laundry (who am I kidding...I'm not keeping up with that stuff ;) ), but what's an area of deep cleaning that I wouldn't normally accomplish but would feel great if I got it done?

I've recruited my sister with these goals as well so that I can have an accountability partner and we can inspire and encourage each other each week! Want to hear my goals for this week?

Marriage- Lunch date with the hubby and little G (done! P asked me and G to meet him at Chick Fil A yesterday and we enjoyed a little rendezvous!)

Spiritual- pray the Divine Mercy chaplet in the afternoon/pause for reflection

Creative- put together a few nice outfits in my closet so I can grab them quickly and feel good about myself

Cleaning- clean my bathroom floor and rug

What are your goals for the day, the week, or the month? Check out the link up at Christina's for more ideas and encouragement!

P.S. As I wrote, little G woke up and joined me with her cute little squirms and chatter but I think it's time for a diaper change!


  1. I love the way you approached setting your goals! It's so important to find the balance between trying to do it all and giving up on everything. Great job!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  2. I agree with Whitney, you have a great mindset with these!

  3. Laura, it looks like you are getting into the groove of things, which I'm sure is so nice. Is this motherhood gig getting easier for you? I really love your idea of weekly goals, and I think I am going to use that! Today's big goal was getting some stuff done with my husband at his work & grocery shopping, and I'm feeling very happy that both of those are done and Peter is in his "lunchtime nap" so I can catch up on social media and eat coffee jelly :) One of my goals for this month, which I will tackle in a couple weeks, is to learn how to change the oil on our car-I've wanted to learn this for a while, so I've decided that it's going to happen!

    1. Slowly but surely, yes!! Month two feels less like drowning and more like figuring out a loose routine/schedule and being more able to enjoy everything!

      That's awesome about changing the oil! My dad works in cars but I feel like instead of learning from him like I should have, I tended to just let him take care of my car! haha!

    2. I'm so glad that things are going better! Haha, if my dad worked in cars, I would probably let him do all the work too ;)

  4. You got this! Every step counts, no matter how big or small it might feel. Your goals sound great, and also make me want to go to Chick fil A. I've heard people making to-do lists of everyday things they do so they can check them off and have a sense of accomplishment. Made the bed? Wiped the counter? Put away laundry? Soothed baby? Survived the day? Check! Maybe that would help recognize all the important little things that go into life at home. You're doing a great job and glad to hear you're finding a rhythm!

    1. Those are good thoughts! I recently read a great blog series on the important of routines in your day (such as make the bed, etc) and how to make them habits that you do automatically instead of using up energy deciding what to do each day. It was inspiring. :)

  5. In the earliest days of mothering (even with our second child), I find weekly and small monthly goals are easiest for me to do and figure out. Between basic postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, resting, and really basic household chores/tasks, I can barely fit in time to do much else. It all depends on how and what you choose to prioritize though. I've heard of some doing much more, a few doing less, and then others who do about like me and just chill with Baby for a bit! Find you own groove and give yourself plenty of grace, as you mentioned! :)

    1. Yes, breastfeeding feels like a full time job sometimes! I'm thankful to be mostly over the acute recovery although still sore at times if I'm overactive.

      I'm still learning what to prioritize for sure!