Friday, September 30, 2016

2 Months Old!

Our precious little girl is two months old already!! 

Baby G, you love:

-smiling in the mornings
-watching your monkey toy on the play gym
-snuggling in your towel with daddy after bathtime
-kicking your chubby little legs
-making cute girly noises (sometimes you giggle in your sleep)
-ceiling fans
-walks in the neighborhood park
-napping on mommy
-nursing, nursing, nursing

You don't like:

-going to bed
-when mommy leaves the room for a minute


  1. She is so sweet! (and looks tiny in her crib haha) That's great that she loves mornings. I've long been a morning person, and I absolutely love mornings with my little baby, too-it's so cute to see Peter's smiles and big eyes when we wake up! It sounds like Baby G is like Peter with the nursing, too-since he's almost 4 months, he's started nursing less frequently, but there are still times (especially when evening hits) where he wants to be latched on every 30-45 minutes! I just remind myself that this won't last forever, so I might as well try to enjoy those nursing sessions (and some good books during them) while they last.

    1. Yes to the cluster nursing in the evenings! At first I didn't know what to think but now I've come to expect it and don't mind it at all :) It will be nice though when she nurses less frequently so I can run errands without her etc. I love mornings too!