Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Talk #43: Before Baby Comes!

We're a little over a week from our due date!! It's crazy that baby could be here any day now-- or could wait to show up for a few weeks yet! I'm feeling pretty decent, other than end of pregnancy nausea and fatigue. My hubby and I talk often about how we know life is going to completely change anytime now, yet there's no way to quite prepare for it.

Of course, there are some practical ways to prepare for it. ;) I made this giant to-do list below a few months ago and it's helped me focus on some tangible things that needed (or I wanted) to get done before baby arrives. I'm pretty sure the list won't be completed by next week, but thankfully some of the things on the list aren't necessary. (I mean, I'd love to have my carpets shampooed, but realistically baby won't start crawling on them from day 1!).

I'm in a good place of realizing that everything does not have to be perfect in our home to welcome our precious little one. Instead, I am trying to spend this last week preparing spiritually and mentally for labor and delivery, as well as being ready to give myself fully to this new vocation. I know God's grace will meet me, and His Mother Mary gives such a great example of beautiful, sacrificial motherhood.

If you're a momma (or even if not!), feel free to give me some comment love on your own recommendations for what I should prepare for-- whether it be practical, mental, emotional, or spiritual!

Family Room
Shampoo carpet
Diaper changing cubby
Pack and play or rock and play?
Reorganize TV cubby shelf

Dining Room
Shampoo carpet

Drawer for baby bibs/cups/bottles/etc
Clean out freezer/fridge
Restock freezer (have done a little of this)
Clean out/organize pantry (and restock?)
Make nontoxic cleaners (all purpose)
Freezer meals/meats/muffins/mixes (have done just a few...)

Baby basket with items in closet (mine or P's)...bathtub, towels, washcloths, shampoo, lotion
New cleaners (toilet scrub, all purpose)

Laundry Room
Baby gate for the Little Dog
Make laundry detergent

Umbrella for table
White table in shed
Clean hummingbird feeder/fill

Master Bedroom
Pack and play
Organize my closet/maternity clothes

Clean out closet
Hang baby clothes/organize closet items
Changing table/space with baskets
Dresser decor
Wall decor
Move bed into office
Raise crib mattress

Store boxes (packed or unpacked) along wall...decrease storage area to 1/4 of basement
Clear top of spare bed and put older comforter on it

Organize closet for more storage of non-crafting items
Organize prayer space

Thank you notes for any baby gifts (still working on it!)
Bathe Little Dog and trim his nails
Novena for doctor/labor/delivery
Date night with P!
Pack hospital bags
Choose Baptism date, menu, and baby gown (two dates narrowed down)
Labor music playlist
Labor Prayer Intention list
Choose a pediatrician
Pre-register for hospital
Make a labor plan/P's cheat sheet (working with our doula on this)

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  1. Laura, I'm so excited for you!!! I think one of the toughest things is just not knowing-not knowing when you'll go into labor, not knowing how the early newborn days will go, etc, so it's a really good time to try and focus on living in the present moment, and not worrying about what God has planned or the logistics of the future.
    I don't know where you hope to give birth, but if you birth in a hospital, I recommend packing lots of comfy pillows and blankets for your husband. At least in our hospital, there is pretty much no comfortable way to sleep, especially for the husband. At one point, Jacob laid a blanket on the floor to try and sleep there! (the nurse told us some men even bring air mattresses, though I don't see how they could fit even a small air mattress in a hospital room)
    If you aren't doing this already, I really recommend doing a fun date with your husband soon, as a nice way to focus on the importance of your marriage and relationship. In addition to that, I filled a jar with "date night" ideas, and taking the time when Peter's asleep to have a "date" with my husband (even if it's just something small like playing a game or eating ice cream together) has been really good.

  2. What an exciting time for you! I agree with AnneMarie about scheduling a little date night ASAP. You'll be thankful you did!

  3. During labor, the journey is the four of you- Mom, Dad, Baby and God Prayers for a peaceful delivery

  4. Make sure that you enjoy every moment of their childhood.

  5. Beyond excited for you and your growing family, Laura! You'll continue to be in my prayers in the coming weeks. I hear that it does wonders to just stay in bed (almost literally) for the first week or so. Hope you have time to forget about the crazy world and soak in all those firsts :-) If there's any way to help from afar, let me know (I mean it!). If I were close I'd bring meals to stock that freezer for you! So excited, and will be praying for you all!