Thursday, July 7, 2016

Eternal Salvation: A Movie Review


Even with all the joys of outdoor activities and events in the summertime, there's nothing like settling in to a movie night with some popcorn or ice cream on a summer evening-- even better if you can watch it outside on a laptop or at a local drive in theatre.

P. and I recently enjoyed a pizza and movie night with a DVD sent to us by Fish Flix. This sweet company hails from Mora, Minnesota and not only sells a huge variety of Christian DVDs but also uses some of their profits to support Christian ministry and evangelization in the country of Turkey. I absolutely loved their statements on their website about media and entertainment being gifts from God that we as Christians need to use for His glory, instead of allowing the secular entertainment business to do the opposite. It's so important for us to spread His light into every area of the world, and I agree that media-- specifically movies-- are a great way to do this!

Before I share about the movie we watched, I want to share with you a fun offer from Fish Flix just for you! If you join their email list, you can receive a $5 coupon to use on the website!! (Or if you're a text person, you can text 5-GIFT to 44222. Pretty fun, huh?

So the movie. As much as I loved the company and their website, we were not hugely impressed with this particular film unfortunately. Eternal Salvation told the story of Jonathan Wright, a business man with a beautiful wife and daughter, a huge home, and a recent promotion at his job. However, after a medical emergency that puts him in a coma and then subsequently forces him to begin his life again with extensive rehab, his job becomes in jeopardy. He is forced to look at the way he's been living for worldly success and a friend begins to share Christ and His way with Jonathan. Despite everything outside beginning to crumble, everything inside is finally falling into place for him.

Sounds like a great storyline, right? And we liked the beginning a lot. But somehow, it just didn't keep our attention or approval as time went on. As I reflected on the movie afterwards, I realized there were three main things I didn't care for in the movie. First, it was somewhat corny. I feel like Christian movies have hugely increased in quality over the last ten to fifteen years and as more and more are being produced. But this one the acting and characters were just a little too predictable or simple in their character development. Secondly, I did not agree with the theology in several parts of the movie. A specific instance was baptism. I loved that they emphasized the importance of baptism in the movie, but they stated it was a public expression of what happened personally when you got saved. However, we know and believe from both the Church and the Bible that it is a both/and situation-- Christ saves us through Baptism (1 Peter 3:20-21, John 3:3-5, Acts 16:31-33). Thirdly, the end of the movie felt like the false "prosperity gospel" movement. Everything turned out even better for Jonathan now that he was following Christ. The "bad guy" had died in a car accident, Jonathan got a better job, he still had his huge mansion. Not that God doesn't want to bless us in this life and the next, but sometimes He asks us to give up our earthly comforts for His kingdom, or to take up our cross when we follow Him. Again, it's a subtle thing but I think the tidy way the movie ended felt a little fake and overshadowed the greater message of true joy and peace in Christ--prosperity or not.

I hate giving a less than stellar review on any item for my blog, but these are my honest and original thoughts on this one. I so appreciate the opportunity from Fish Flix and our complimentary copy of the DVD, and I think their company is doing great things. This particular movie just wasn't my cup of tea. :)

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