Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday Talk #3: This Daughter of Eve

It's that time again already! Anyone else feel like the weeks fly by?

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It all starts in the kitchen with our mugs and muffins.
So this past Saturday a friend and I hosted our second meeting of our women's Bible study. I am so in awe of how God is using it already. We wanted to start out with an intimate group of 8-10 and we're already up to 16 women. Women crave community, don't we? It's so beautiful to see this group of women come together-- single, married, mothers-- and find common ground in our faith walks. Many of them did not know each other at the beginning, but we're already sharing our hearts, our joys and struggles, as we learn about the women of the Old Testament (and munch on muffins and sip warm drinks).

This past month we studied Eve, the first woman, wife, mother. I went in to this chapter thinking of it as an introduction of sorts, a chapter I wanted to "get through" so I could get to the more exciting characters like Esther or the more relevant ones like Sarah with her fertility struggles.

Little did I know, I would relate to Eve a lot more than I realized!

Like mother, like daughter.

As I reflected on the insights of the chapter, the Scripture passages, and the discussion questions, my heart kept opening up more and more to what God wanted to show me.

H. brought pumpkin muffins! Yay!
Eve and I are more alike than I'd ever have guessed.

Do you know why Eve committed that first sin, why she listened to the devil and ate that apple?

Because she didn't trust God.

Her trust in God was weak. She listened to the devil, believed his lies, and then acted. She doubted God's goodness, His providence. She began to see God as One who was withholding good things from her. She allowed Satan to change her view of God instead of speaking truth to herself, of reminding herself of God's promises.

Sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so, too.

My trust in God is weak. So often the devil whispers lies to me and causes me to focus on what God is withholding. I doubt His goodness. I doubt His providence. I believe the devil instead of my Heavenly Father. And then I act. I choose selfishness. I avoid prayer. My view of God is distorted.

If only Eve had walked away from the devil's deception. If only she had spoken truth to herself. If only she had sought conversation and time with God, to remember who He is and to hear His reassuring voice drown out the lies.

If only I did that when I'm tempted to doubt, discouragement, sin.

This chapter was so beautiful, so surprisingly insightful. I am Eve's daughter and I see so much of her in me. At the end of the chapter, we were encouraged to make a 'strategy' for building virtue and strength for the moments of temptation. My strategy consisted of five points:
We're outgrowing my living room! :)

1. Remind myself of who I am in Christ.
2. Remember God's goodness and who He is. (My favorite site for the attributes of God!)
3. Develop more discipline in prayer and in my daily life.
4. Seek encouragement through mentors and through visible reminders. (Bible verses in house, car.)
5. Receive grace and strength through the sacraments of the Church. (Give me Jesus in the Eucharist!)

What would your strategy be? Who do you relate to most in the Bible?

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  1. I love how you brought up Eve didn't trust God, so many people over look that! Not trusting makes situations so much more difficult and scary! Something my husband and I have been making an effort on the last few years is to be more aware of doubt and turning over all our problems to The Lord, instead of controlling them ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. So true that not trusting makes situations more scary! It's funny because I think subconciously I'm trying to control the situation to make it less scary but if I would just give it to God as you said and trust in His ultimate plan, then I could relax more!

  2. I recently wrote about the grievous realization that I wasn't trusting God. I mean I know we all can struggle with trust, but for some reason, in the situation I was in, the reality of not trusting God troubled me greatly.

    I never thought about Eve or the fact that I indeed am being just like her. Although, I've never said it or thought it "out loud", my actions are saying that I feel God is "withholding good things" or that I know best what those good things are.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    You are right, there is nothing like fellowship of kindred women together studying the Word. :-)

    1. YES to your point that we don't necessarily speak it, but our actions speak our lack of trust sometimes.

  3. Wow! Yes, I can relate also. If only...but there is grace!

  4. A great analogy on Eve here. She doesn't get too much credit among women like she should. To answer your question I use to be a Martha for sure, still struggle with her attitudes sometimes. Working on being a Mary, not Martha's sister, but Mary, Jesus' mother! Her attributes, as young as she was, amaze me and how God chose her, among all the others to bring her son into this world. Enjoyed this today!

    1. Yes! I relate to the Martha struggle!

      And Mary is amazing-- always so open to doing God's will with joy.

  5. Wow! So familiar! Thanks for the reflection!