Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tuesday Talk #2

Hi friends!

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This week, I wanted to share with you our fun weekend getaway. Any bed-and-breakfast fans out there? For years, I've been fascinated with B&Bs and their old-fashioned charm. I'm a huge fan of historic homes (and have been since I was a wee bookworm reading Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, and such). I'll gladly pay anyone some moolah for the chance to stay overnight in a historic home! (and if they're adding breakfast to the deal, I'm definitely a taker!)

I've stayed in a few B&Bs over the years with girlfriends but it's been several years and I've always wanted my husband to experience one. So when he started telling me he had three talks to give in one weekend near the quaint Amish country in Ohio, my ears perked up and I started thinking it's B&B time. A sweet older couple from one of the churches where he was speaking had already offered for us to spend the night at their home the first night, so we gratefully accepted their hospitality but decided staying a second night in a B&B was within our budget.

Ready for some pics?

My handsome husband and I with two of the other speakers and E., our sweet hostess.

My very creepy "Yay for B&Bs" face.

The Blue Rose room. It was so gorgeous but I couldn't get a good shot of the whole room. 

Here's another corner of the room. My Victorian heart was delighted with the smallest details.

Lo and behold, horses and donkeys to pet and feed!

Yummy horse treats.

We decided we want to buy a farm someday. With a historic home on the property, of course.

Mohican State Park was fifteen minutes away so we had a gorgeous drive through the fall colors.

We took advantage of the sunshine and hiked a few trails before evening came.
And then stuffed our tummies at an amazing Amish restaurant-- but alas, both our phone batteries had died so no pictures of our feast. It's probably a good thing I didn't document how much I ate.

Our B&B was called Somewhere In Time, after the movie with Jane Seymour.
This autographed picture hung in the hallway. How neat is that?

Breakfast was scrumptious as the soundtrack of Somewhere In Time played softly in the background.

The porch was more modern than Victorian, but so charming! I want those lanterns!

The beautiful brick manor. 

All in all, it was such a refreshing time away. Working as a team for P's talks. Exploring the local pizza parlor and coffee shop in between presentations. Meeting wonderful new people. Hiking in all the autumn glory. Amish fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The luxury of a historic, hospitable B&B. And simply time to be together making memories.

But it couldn't be too idyllic, of course. So to add a little more adventure in there, our dog escaped in the parking lot where we were meeting the dog sitter to pick him up. There ensued a half-mile chase and some quick thinking of a neighbor who threw dog treats to slow him down.

All three of us are safely back at home, along with a few more fun and crazy memories.

Have you ever stayed at a B&B or are you more of a hotel girl? Or maybe a camping tent? What's your favorite accommodations? Dream weekend getaway? Give me some comment love!

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  1. Always a B & B girl! I never like staying in hotels. We always look for B & B's whenever we travel. This one looks beautiful and I love the details the innkeepers put into theirs to make it unique.

    1. Awesome! They're tough to find sometimes when traveling unless you're in a rural or historic area, I've found. Yes, they had some unique details I loved!

  2. This looks like such a lovely getaway, Laura! I'm happy that you and P. had some time to get away and enjoy each other's company. :-) There's a quaint little town about an hour south of us that has a sweet B&B. I also enjoy staying in different types of accommodations, depending on where we're traveling (B&B, hotel, resort, cabin). I have never camped in a tent, though! I'm sure it will happen someday. :-)

    1. I agree, I love experiencing different accommodations.

      I also recommend tent camping sometime!

  3. Laura, were you in the Sugarcreek area of Ohio's Amish country?? I was totally born just outside of Amish country, and one of my good friends was, as well (we were born at the same hospital 3 months apart, and didn't meet each other until we were 18!) I LOVE Ohio's Amish country, I've been there several times to visit, and it's the most delightful place! Oh, you are so right about those restaurants-amazingly wonderful, but it really fills a person up!

    I am also a total B&B girl, though I *think* I've only ever stayed in one B&B ever,and that was a family-run B&B in Dublin, Ireland. SO...full Irish breakfast every day,plus cereal, plus super nice Irish people and all the tea you can imagine??? Oh, it was glorious! I would love to stay in more B&Bs, and hopefully I will someday!

    I've never stayed in a tent (crazy, I know-I've never been camping!), but that's kind of on my bucket list!

    1. Yes, we were near there! My husband actually grew up in Tuscarawas county!! We were in Mansfield/Lexington.

      That's so neat you were at a B&B in Ireland, girl!!! Jealous!!

      Definitely keep camping on the bucket list! I love camping. It's so refreshing to live outdoors for a few days!

    2. Oh wow, that's so cool he grew up in the area! What a great excuse for you two to go back there :) Mm...yeah, camping must be refreshing! I love being outside, so I'm sure I'll love it when I actually get around to it! :)