Monday, November 10, 2014

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

This fairy tale has had its share of fire-breathing dragons, damsels in distress, and tangled forests.

And to be honest? It probably will continue to.

But that's okay...“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” 

Our tale?

Once upon a time we met in Summer 2011 at a church picnic. He fell head over heels. I was dating someone else.
The photographer claims she knew it was coming...

I joined as a chaperone for the mission trip in Spring 2012, no longer in a relationship.
Now I fall head over heels for this incredible spiritual leader.
Who also has all the charm of, well, you know, Prince Charming.
So we work together,
We laugh together.

We serve together.

But life gets messy. Really messy sometimes.

We wonder if God is really calling us to play on the same team.
 We ask for a little help from our friends...

A lot of time, tears, grace, and growth. Dragons being beaten. Dark forests being traveled. 

And then one day...


He proposes. I say yes. 

And we live happily ever after.
Well, kind of. Because the goal of marriage isn't to be happy...
It's to be holy.
And to get to Heaven, where we'll be eternally happy.
So we're on this journey together with the hope of a happily ever after.
The end.

Just kidding. It's only the beginning. And I'm beyond grateful to be walking this path with this man whom I admire, respect, and love so deeply. What a gift. What an incredible joy and blessing from above. Thank YOU for your faithful friendship as a reader, for staying with me through the storms and sunshine. Please continue to do so, for I treasure you and love sharing life with you. Pray for us and know that I pray for you.

Life is beautiful. 

"Every person's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers." -Hans Christian Andersen


  1. Woot!

    Beautiful. A real. :) I love you for always being both of those.

    Congrats again! I am so excited to continue to watch your story unfold!

  2. Congratulations! I am soo happy for you!

  3. Oh, yay!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you!!!

    1. Aww, thank you! I pray our marriage glorifies God as yours does! You inspire me!

  4. Beautiful Laura! Prayers for you and (now) Prince Charming continue! Love, Cindy

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Rissa!! I hope your fairy tale continues, too! ;)

  6. Best wishes, Laura! This is so beautiful and I'm so happy and excited for you! Grace, blessings, and prayers for you both! ♥

  7. Congratulations Laura. :)

    So filled with happiness and tears, reading your beautiful story. ♥

    1. Aw, Cathie, thank you!! I admire your own love and marriage!

  8. Congratulations, Laura! I gotta say that the photographer wasn't the only one who saw it coming. Nope, in fact I haven't been so unsurprised by a friend's life-changing announcement since Nick de la Torre announced his wife was pregnant. The two of you were way too adorable not to work out, and I have thought so ever since I went on the March For Life way back in January 2013 and spent some quality time with you waiting around to meet up with my sister. That remains one of my best BG memories :) Much love to you! <3

    1. Haha, I'm glad you had faith it would work out!! <3

      Awww-- I LOVED spending time with you then, too! My little sis :)

  9. Best. Post. Ever.

    I am sooooo happy for you! Best wishes and many blessings! <3

  10. Ahh, Laura! I'm so happy and excited for you! Congratulations! What a beautiful story ... best wishes to you both! :-) (And I love the pictures!)

    1. Thank you, Colleen!! Our story has been crazy but blessed!

  11. What a beautiful holy couple you make! Congrats Laura!

  12. Congrats Laura!!! Welcome to a beautiful journey. I will keep this in my prayer intentions as you continue to prepare for the beautiful Sacrament :) wooo hoo!

  13. Commence. ALL. The. Screams.

    Laura, I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations, beautiful! You look so happy in your pictures with him and I'm sure will only continue to grow happier in your journey towards Heaven with your partner for life. Praying for you two! <3

    1. Oh, girl. I just love you. :)

      Thank you for the prayers, right back at you. <3