Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Got to bed on time. Woke up on time.

Poured myself a mug of coffee (on this 50 degree summer morning!! Sheesh!) and pulled on a cozy sweatshirt then snuggled onto the couch in my 'prayer area.'

And I realized how long it felt since I had done this. I pray daily. And often. But something was different. I was still. Inside and out. I was open. I was calm. I wasn't checking the time.

He was there. But He always is. This time I was really there.

I can't describe it, friends. But I was convicted in a gentle way. Because now that I have more time...I'm not always using it as I should. Sometimes I choose the fiction book. Or the internet browsing. Or the bedtime snack. Instead of the purposeful coming away from the world, choosing quiet so that I can hear Him and rest in Him (Mark 6:31).

I've been anxious. Fearful. Restless. My mind has been wrestling with a few different things.

But these past couple days as I've been more intentional with 'coming away' to pray-- really pray (the coffee shop prayers), not just go through the motions or talk to God distractedly, I've felt the peace trickle in once again. Did it solve all my fears and anxiety? No. But it reminded me what I've been missing. That all the other relaxing or enjoyable things I might pursue in the summertime cannot give me the rest or joy that true heartfelt prayer does.

So this week I'm choosing to prioritize prayer. To decrease distractions-- the inside ones and the outside ones.

Will you keep me accountable? Do you want to join me?

Whether your summer is lonely or busy, lazy or crazy, there's a Father who waits for us with all the love, strength, guidance, comfort, and protection our feminine hearts desire.


  1. Beautiful. As always. :) I would love to help you prioritize prayer... will you help me, too!? :)

  2. Too true! Thanks for the reminder :-) It's so hard in the summer since the routine is SO much different. Would be happy to help with accountability together!

  3. Yes, I would love to join you. <3

  4. I'm a new reader...hi! I struggle big time with prayer. Because of distractions and a wandering mind, but also because I allow myself to get frustrated that He's not there and hearing/responding/answering my prayers. Feeling God's presence is a big struggle for me, so I definitely let that affect all aspects of my faith life. It is so nice to know I am not alone in the prayer focus. I hope you had a blessed week prioritizing prayer!

  5. Ladies, thank you so much for your replies! I hope it has been a fruitful week for you!

    Brandi, welcome!! You are definitely not alone, sweet friend! We all struggle with feeling God's nearness at times, but I have definitely learned through the ups and downs that He is always always there, even when we don't feel Him. Keep pressing on, He will show Himself to you! He is a good God with love for you even though we don't always see the answers to prayers right away or in this life.