Saturday, June 14, 2014

I've Never Been to Vegas, but My Luggage Has: A Book Review

I know! What a catchy title! You'll have to read the book to find out the story behind it...I 'met' Mandy Hale as a blogger before I discovered she was also an author. I absolutely love her enthusiasm, joy, and adventurous spirit! I was excited to see her second book as an option for reviewing this month.

I read her first book, The Single Woman, and while it was inspiring and enjoyable, it read more like a collection of short stories (or even blog posts). Luggage instead is an engaging memoir-style retelling of her personal growth through her twenties and thirties. Mandy is refreshingly open and honest, humble, and hopeful throughout the ups and downs. I love authentic people and she is that. I also appreciated her relationship with the Lord and how that affects her life and her vision.

My faves? Instead of focusing on living your single years looking for a mate, Mandy is all about surrendering them to Christ and enjoying them! She sees grace woven throughout the difficulties and messes of the years and how God faithfully uses them to make us stronger, more graceful women. I love her emphasis on personal growth, authenticity, the joyful adventure, and intentional living.

The not so much? Every once in awhile, her story or view leaned a little more toward "prosperity gospel" spirituality. Dreams, passions, success, following your heart....they can all be good things that God blesses and guides us to...but are not the goal in and of itself. So even though I am a fan of personal growth, sometimes it felt overemphasized in her book. And there were a few stories that hit a little too close to home to my own life--areas of my heart that were still raw, but I can't fault her for that!

Overall, I enjoyed it! Mandy Hale is a refreshing, inspiring voice for single women, reminding them to live with joy, gratitude, trust, and passion.

[Thank you, BookLook Bloggers, for providing me with this book at no cost for my review of its content! This review contains my honest and original comments.]

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